Well, Well, Well


Don’t I suck! I haven’t posted nothing in too many days! Do you even read this blog anymore? LOL! I read all of yours via my blog that I never post on haha! Life has been hectic, but yeah, when is it not?! Anywho, I’m not here to talk about that; I’m here to shoot the shyt and show you what I’ve been doing all day instead of working…yup, that’s right, I said instead of working 🙂 work will always be there, but these Luxe gifts I have been recommending at ThisNext won’t!

There is this fantastic new contest over at ThisNext where a $300 gift card to eLuxury is at stake. Yup, $300!!! I already know what I’d put that toward so I’m truly hoping I win! It would be the best! See below for some of my picks and I would say enter the contest for yourself, but ummmm I’m selfish and I want to win, so uh, don’t enter LOL! j/p 🙂

See more of my Lux list at ThisNext.


One Response to “Well, Well, Well”

  1. Mlle. Mitchell Says:

    I feel like u weren’t playing though LOL. Where you at now!?

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