Girls gone SoBe


 That’s right! Me y mis tres amigas are going to South Beach to party it up FABULOUSO!!! YAY!!! It’s going to be 80 degrees allll weekend!  We are staying in this magnificent 2bd/ba condo right in SoBe!!! Hell yeah! This is what I hope to be doing Saturday afternoon to recover for the next day 😉


I can’t WAIT to get on the plane tomorrow and leave the snow on the ground and head into SUN!!! We are going to celebrate mi amiga Kristen’s birthday! I wish we were staying longer than the weekend, but really, a weekend of straight partying is good for me! Plus I get to see some of my people from FSU that I haven’t seen in 4 almost 5 years!!

 I’m just looking at the clock, willing it to be 5 so I can run out of the office and run around town to finish some last minute things.  Oh yeah, where’s a fun spot to go on Saturdays? We are going to Mansion tomorrow but nothing set in stone yet for Saturday.  So if you party in Miami and know of some spots we MUST hit, let me know.

 Peace out homeskillets!!!


2 Responses to “Girls gone SoBe”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    Have fun, B!

  2. The Narcist Says:

    super jealous! when i went down there for my birthday i went to mansion and sobe live.

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