Northern Virginia Drivers SUCK!!!!


OK! So it’s the first snow of the season…whooop deeee doooo! Well damn if it didn’t shut the WHOLE Northern Virginia driving system, our highways, down! Oh, but wait, don’t let me lead you to think this was some sort of 1 foot blizzard…no!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why then if there was no snow on the road, NONE I tell ya, CLEAR roads, did it take me…1 1/2 hours, yes, 1.5 hours to go….wait for it….wait….8 MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!


The above pics were taken just a mere 3 miles from my home while I sat in the dumb ass traffic! As you can see, yes, my inspection sticker is past due, LOL!!! Oh well, I will take care of it later!  Anyways as you can see there is NO snow on the road but only a DUSTING of like an INCH on the grass! THE GRASS!!!!  WOW! I am SO over this area! Needless to say, traffic came to a complete halt and I was like, UM, I WILL not sit in my car for another two hours to go some 10 more miles, NO SIR! I took it home.

So, basically, I am ULTRA happy that I am jaunting off to the MIAyaoooooooo for the weekend.  That’s right, 80 degree weather ALL weekend!  Snow, what snow?  I’m already there in my mind.  Friday can’t come fast enough, seriously!


One Response to “Northern Virginia Drivers SUCK!!!!”

  1. Eb Says:

    I hate VA police more than I do the drivers… The only 2 speeding tickets I have gotten in my life have been in that state when I was driving back and forth from NY to college in NC. So annoying!!!

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