Fab chick in need of some advice

So I’m at one of my jobs, standing around because no damn body is truly going to still be doing some mad dash shopping on this Sunday night till 11; there is just NO way! But since I am getting paid to do absolutely nothing, I decided I will use my time wisely and blog away via phone 🙂

I wil also use this as my forum for some advice from you; you who actuallt still read this space of mine. So this is my thing…
I’ve known this guy since Sophomore year college ( I’ve written about him on here before; my motivator, we push each other to do better and be the absolute best!) Anyways, we have only once previously kissed and that was waaaay back in the day. Noting special but we have remained really good friends for years! I truly heart him,but we are friends.

Recently, like over the summer, my feelings for him have become more. And now all I do is think about how he and I would be SO good together! Only problem is, I am being a chicken and won’t sya anything to him about it. I almost did one time then the drunken me backed out. I thought it would be a good idea to tell him while liquored up, that way if he didn’t feel the same I could blame the alcohol.

So my solution has been to drop hints LOL!! You know, talking more, veing a bit more flirtatious etc etc. Now we talk all the time about everything, Everything. Yet I just can’t bring myself to put it al out there. ItLs a lot easier for me to do that with someone I don’t see being with long term than with someone I have actual, legitimate feelings for.

Also, don’t think I’m crazy and just cooked this up out of nowhere. He has been saying and doing certain things too that just made me wonder if? So, to my blog homies, what is this fab chick to do? How do I bring it up to him? How should I proceed with caution? Help me out! lol OK thanks and I eagerly await your wise responses.



3 Responses to “Fab chick in need of some advice”

  1. The best of *B* « My PURPLE World Says:

    […] Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby – yeah, fantasy – now I actually reallllly like the boy; wtf ugh! […]

  2. The Narcist Says:

    i have no idea what to tell you b/c I am the worst with confrontation. it would suck if the confession soiled the friendship but it also sucks wondering “what if” all the time. my advice for now is drink some more liqour write an email, save it, read it when your sober, and then decide if you want to send.

  3. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    Hmmm, this is a tough one, because there are so many possible outcomes. I think it’s best to go off of the vibes you get from him. I think dropping hints like you’re already doing is good. If he’s smart he’ll pick up on them. Personally I’m not all about putting oneself out there too much, I prefer that they come on their own.

    However, if you really feel like you want to put it all out there to him, I agree with the Narcist about writing it out and sending it to him when you’re ready.

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