The best of *B*

Well since I’m rollin out on ya’ll because I can’t take life anymore, I decided I’d go back through my year+ long blog and pick out some of my favorite posts…enjoy peoples 🙂

Yeah, men again – Written in April…things haven’t changed LOL

i used to… – I’m glad we are speaking again and that I def know we never would have worked out!

My Office(Cube) Space – I sorta kinda miss that cube *tear*

Random – yup, just as the title says

STONE – It’s my mantra

Dear W Magazine – I wish I actually sent this!

WHY? – LOL!!! this is just funny!

Kid for a day – Oh how I long for Spring/Summer

I did it again – LOL!!! I’m a sappy idiot! That post cracks me up! Here is the follow up to it, also equally as funny! Want to know what is even MORE funny is I can’t even remember what happened to us LOL!!!!!!! 

Jesus worked it out – *on my knees praying* Please, Lord, work it out again because I can’t take this!

Pantone and the Fashionista – Pantone, learn it, love it, live it

Sweet, sweet fantasy, baby – yeah, fantasy – now I actually reallllly like the boy; wtf ugh!

Alright homeskillets – I’m out. PEACE!!!


One Response to “The best of *B*”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    Love the post in review idea! Have a happy, blessed New Year!

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