Love HIM Like I Do

Hello world (read, those few of you who stop by 🙂 ) Just wanted to post this song by Dietrick Haddon, “Love Him Like I Do.”  I absolutely love this song!!! If you don’t live in an area where you can get Praise 104.1 I feel sorry for you! It’s the GREATEST station EVER!!! 24/7 constant Gospel music! I don’t listen to anything else, ever! Ever since It came out, my radio has been tuned to 104.1.  It’s got those songs that you need to hear, right at that moment! 

This morning they played a mix for me lol! A medley of “The Storm is over now”, “Trouble Don’t Last Always”, “Love Him Like I Do” and a few others. I mean, come on, how could you not be inspired and feel the love of God from those songs!  I’ve been going through IT and I appreciate having 104.1 to turn to during the day and night; it truly gets me through the days sometimes. 

I truly hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!! And I pray you all have a prosperous New Year!!! I for one can say I am glad, no THRILLED to see 2007 go away and am excited for all the new possibilities for 2008!

 *besos*, B

Love Him Like I Do 

I had to tell you first
The Pastor of the church
My folks and friends
Listen to these words
See GOD save me (yeah)
From myself when no one else was around
And it was only by his grace
His mercy is favor
Cause I know I don’t deserve
All the love he shows (oh)
And how he let me know (oh)
He never brought me side
That’s why I love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
That’s why I love him like I do
I, I

See I got a testimony how to save my soul
For hours just sinner left in the floor
Give me a second chance
Save me from myself
Came to my rescue
When I needed help

You want to know why, I love him the way I do
That’s when the enemy said I was thru
He took me from the bottom
And put me on the top
He laid his hands on me
That’s why I can’t be stopped

That’s why I love him like I do
I Love him like I do (my my my)
I Love him like I do (I do, I do, do do do)
That’s why I love him like I do (I love him like I do I love him like I do)
I, I

Somebody told me we overcome by our testimony
Bet you wouldn’t believe how doubt and fear use to paralyze me
God’s hand let me thru the test
And he brought out the very best of me

And now I never forget
Gonna tell the world what you mean to me (ye… ah… yeah

That’s why I love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
That’s why I love him like I do
I, I

Let me tell you why I love
Because he been so good me
He takes care of me
He keeps love me yeah
I love him
I love him

I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do
I Love him like I do


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3 Responses to “Love HIM Like I Do”

  1. Durty Mo Says:

    I also love this song. When 104.1 came to the area back in March I think it was, I was glued and have been glued ever since. I love the Yolanda Adams morning show with Bishop Secular. Hilarious! Thank you for sharing the video!

  2. The Diva's Thoughts Says:

    I love those lyrics! Girl you have a blessed New Year.

  3. Eb Says:

    girl I love this song too… I posted it on my blog over a week ago… I hope it makes kirk franklin sit his behind down somewhere and let him no you dont have to be all extra, walking it out, and cranking that soldier boy, and crumping to crossover and get gospel music heard on urban stations… I hope this record gets real big!

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