Can’t Wait for 2008!

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I for one can’t wait for 2008! I am so excited for all the possibilities, new experiences, NEW JOB! new everything!!! I hope you all have a blessed and SAFE! New Year!!! Don’t do anything, I wouldn’t do! LOL!!! I’m going to be in church this year with my Mom and lil brother Jordan; what are you all’s plans???

I don’t realy have any resolustions because I feel like any changes I want(ed) to make have already been set in motion.  Only thing I really want to do is go greener than I already am! That will be a challenge, but it will be a good, healthy challenge! What are your New Year’s resolutions???

New Year 2008 Glitter Graphics from


4 Responses to “Can’t Wait for 2008!”

  1. the narcist Says:

    i don’t do new years resolutions either. i always just pray for a better year then the last. have a happy and safe new year dear!

  2. the narcist Says:

    look at you getting bolder in the 08, hope all works out in yo9ur favor!

  3. Eb Says:

    happy new year!

  4. Autumn Says:

    Happy New Year Diva!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today….I sooo adore your blog as well!!

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