I am NOT being productive!

And I only sorta care! There is so much running through my mind that I just can’t think about it; you know what I mean?! So instead of tackling the issues and knocking them out one-by-one, I am doing useless, mindless shyt to get me through the day. Example: I log on to Myspace, Facebook, my blog, others blogs, AIM, gtalk, ThisNext etc etc…(well, ThisNext is work, but FUN work!) Anywhoo, I love distractions! Sometimes I feel like I have ADD or ADHD but it’s only because I need to escape from what is swirling around in my head at times!

My head is on constant pound mode these past few days! I’m always lightheaded because I drink too much green tea lol! When I get up to p lol I damn near fall over because I’m so focused on drinking my damn tea! — so random that thought was!

So anyways, back to me not being productive.  I need to REVAMP the hell outta my resume and I came up with a smashing idea on the way to work on what to do and do you think I’ve even opened up the folder with my old resume in it…Hell nah! lol B/C – I’m notbeing productive! Plus, when I get to thinking about it, I’d rather log onto Myspace and see what my girl wrote me back to what I shared with her! LOL! – I’m ridiculous!

 I’m also on a typing and writing frenzy thanks to my numerous – 3 cups already – cups of green tea! Damn I love this stuff! Even more so because it’s organic and fair trade certified! — again, so random! So yeah, I guess I’m being a lazy ass! But am I? Yeah, *B*, you are! ugh! Seriously after this post I’m going to check my myspace and see her response, then read all of you all’s blogs, then who knows! Oh, probably make more recommendations over at ThisNext – I’m a Product Guide over there for Fashion and Beauty! Check me out, http://www.thisnext.com/by/VaFashionista/! Ok, plug over!

Wow! What I wouldn’t give to like see the inside of my head right now! I feel like there are all these words and ideas bounncing around off my brain and wheels spinning and the like! Like I’m just running around trying to cath a word, a phrase and pin it down, tackle it and finish it! Wrestling words and thoughts! lol! That is what is going on in this head of mine! Aren’t you glad I shared?! Of course you are…now back to your regularly scheduled program!

Peace out yo!



2 Responses to “I am NOT being productive!”

  1. FashionKitty Says:

    LOL! That’s how my head it today which is the reason I could follow that insane post. LOL!!

  2. Skinny Black Girl Says:

    You just described my typical work day! How much shit do I have on my desk? A LOT. But what am I doing, Internet Social Networking my life away!!

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