*B* – the destination to becoming a domestic goddess – LOL!

So, yeah, I can ‘cook’ but I can’t cook. Last year my good friend gave me a cookbook, Patte Labelle’s to be exact, and it just adorns my counter – lo siento! But recently, I have been inspired by my good friend Kristen and her cooking escapades! Her dishes are MARVELOUS and it really takes no time!

Her secret is The Food Network online recipes!  Last week she told me about a Three Bean chili and it was SO cold and it sounded YUM! So I finally stopped being lazy, went to the grocery store and bought ingredients for the vegetarian version!

May I say, I impressed myself!!!!! Prep time, (including the chopping of the green & red peppers, jalapenos, onions and garlic), cook time, AND clean up — all under 1 hour! wooo hooo! Here is the recipe – Veg. Three Bean Chili – I added Garbanzo beans to mine and instead of all the seasonings, I used a packet of hot, spicy chili seasoning by McCormack. *Also, it says it feeds four, but ummmmm I have a HUGE pot full and it will feed me for more than a week!!*


This is still the beginning of my journey to becoming domesticated.  I helped in the kitchen a great deal on Thanksgiving and Christmas! I even cooked Christmas Eve dinner! For Thanksgiving, I made a fruit and cheese tray and helped bake and cook the turkey.  For Christmas Eve I made a FABULOUS vegetarian lasagne that EVERYONE tore up with a great salad to accompany it!! For dessert, I made a Red Velvet Cake! No, not from scratch, I’m not there yet! But it was DAMN good! It was gone in a couple days 🙂  Below are my pics from my destination lol



6 Responses to “*B* – the destination to becoming a domestic goddess – LOL!”

  1. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    Girl food network is my stuff! I also go on the food network site on the regular to snag recipes.

  2. the narcist Says:


    i only watch food network, i guess it would make far more sense to actually try the recipes instead of sitting mumbling, “wow that looks good…”

    you’re still a vegetarian? i’m impressed=)

  3. Southern_Lady Says:

    Kudos to you! I can’t cook worth a d@mn. I’m really ashamed, but I promise to do better. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. *B* fab Says:

    @ BGI – I love the site! Se always said it was easy lol but I never would go and see for myself haha!

    @ Narcist – YUP! I LOVE being a vegetarian! I don’t miss meat AT ALL!

    @ Southern Lady – You’re welcome for the inspration! I thought it’d be nice of me to pass it along instead of hogging it for myself!

  5. Mademoiselle M Says:

    Get it gurl! I’m sooo impressed. I’m working on my cooking game! I think I’ll start with the Food Network website… thx

  6. Homer is my Co-Pilot Says:

    I love the food channel, I often find myself watching it for hours. They have a ton of recipes online and anything they make on the show you can find on the website. It’s great. Your chili looks good, I might have to try it.

    Thanks for swinging past my blog.

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