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SUCH a fab weekend!

February 25, 2008

Just got in from dinner with my homey Ashley from SC, my mommy, my little brother Jordan and mom’s friend Elaine…stuffed!!! I hadn’t eaten all day so I was more than thrilled to have bang bang shrimp! anyways. So I’m chillin watching the Oscars; mad I missed the red carpet – that’s all that really matters. Anyways, on to my weekend…

Saturday was mucho relaxing! I go to MAC, get my make up done and the girl did a fab job! I heart the MAC girls! I picked out my colors and she WOWes up my eyes! Love it! (I have pics, but until my camera starts acting nice with my laptop I can’t post them 😦 BUT we got some pics at the spot so I will post those once he puts them on the site.)

So on to the partay! Such a fab venue! Everyone was beautiful and pretty and impeccably dressed! Love it! My boy had on this SMASHING suit! I loved it! LOVED it! He looked soooo good in it lol 😉 So the party scene was def a good look. I love it when young, pretty people gather to party LOL! There were quite a few cuties there, so that was also a plus! For some reason, all of the guys I found attractive were *shock* and *awe* not 6’5 and light skin LOL!!! They were pretty average height (not 6’0) really strange for me, trust! But, cuties nonetheless 🙂 Let’s see…

We left at a decent hour which was good. I got about 4 hours of sleep then the good Lord woke me up and I went to church! WOOOOOOOOOO! Church was chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch! Yet again! I’m so glad I got up and went to service! I absolutely LOVE my church! It’s so, just wonderful! I’m so glad God lead me to such a fulfilling and wonderful church!

So after my amazing soul stirring service, I took it to the part time and dragged through the shift lol! I just wanted to be home on my couch watching my DVRd shows and playing on the internet. Oh well, free money is hard to pass up hahahahaha! So to the present! I always talk about moving away, far, far away, but really, I LOVE being able to see my fam- my mom, little brother, dad all are within a 15 mile radius – it’s comforting and well, they’d MISS me so! I think I’m going to plan a trip to Richmond to go see my other little brother who is at VCU.

Mind has lost track so I’m going to sign off now. PEACE!!!



February 23, 2008

So, if I haven’t mentioned before how much I love my job at ThisNext, I DO!!! I LOVE scouring the net for the latest and the greatest ad sharing with the world! I love ThisNext because it is a socail shopping site! It’s fab, just fab! So here are some of my new lists that I have recommended over at ThisNext. Check it:

Put Your Hood Up!!!

Put your Hood up!

I absolutely LOVE a good hoodie! Love them! From my simple velour Juicy hoodies – yes, we all have them, to my more fun and funky elaborate hoodies with all types of stuff on them – graphics, designs, sparkles, skulls etc etc etc! Here is a list of some of my favorite hoodies I’ve found out on the net!

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Gucci Love

Gucci Love!

I remember when Frida Giannini took over the Gucci house and lets just say I’ve been underwhelmed wth her offereings. I remember merchandising my Gucci wall at Saks and hating each piece that came in…that is until now! I luv luv luv the handbag collection and the clothes aren’t half bad either! These are some of my picks from Gucci Spring/Summer handbags

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I Want New Makeup

I want some NEW makeup!

Recently, I have been dreading putting on my makeup because…I NEED NEW MAKEUP! Hot new colors! New brushes! The whole lot! Here are some of the new stuff I will be buying.

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Purple & Pink

Easily some of my most favorite colors ever! Purple is my favorite color. Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with purple, everything! This list is everything I love from clothes, to purses, to pens!

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Another Fab Saturday!!!

February 23, 2008

Ah yes!!! It’s SATURDAY!!!! Let’s see, Went to the gym for two hours, check, had a crazy, “get back your guns” workout! My upper body is SCREAMING right now! Oooh! I found a new machine that I loooooove! It’s that machine, the chin/dip assist! Man, never in my LIFE had I ever been able to do a damn chin up in Elementary school – no upper body strength ( i hated those little boys who could do like 40 in a row) anyhoo, I’m in LOVE with this machine! LOVE! ok, enough gym talk. Let’s see…

Today is a fab day! I’m chillin all day till I go to M A C to get my make up done for the nights festivities! It’s one of my friends 30th birthday so we are going to party fabulous tonight at this oh so swanky venue! Can’t wait! Got my dress, shoes, bag all set! YAY! Plus, I get to see this cutie, yippeeee!

While I’m sitting here enjoying SOAP Net, I found something that makes me ULTRA excited! Ummmm they FINALLY announced the pre-sale dates for the Glow in the Dark tour for VA!!!! Hell yes! Oh I am SOOOOOOO stalking ticketmaster on that day! Oh, I will NOT not get a ticket, you hear me! NOPE! Shows are selling out in 30 minutes! 30 minutes! Yeah, it’s serious!

I’m out! going to dye my hair again! Peace!!!!!!

Snow day!

February 22, 2008

So I got a call this morning saying that my office was closed due to the inclement weather…um…it’s just raining! There was a bit of ice on my windshield, but nothing compared to last Wednesday’s FREEZING RAIN STORM!!! lol! that they closed the office and the roads are perfectly fine…leave it to Northern Va, DC and Md to close schools all willy nilly just because they heard ice and snow was coming, pfft, whatev!

So I’m chillin, taking care of my little 9 y/o brother since he is out of school. We went on a pay m rent adventure and now we are safely back home. I had him turn off the TV to read a book.  Kids watch TOO much TV! Later we are going to finish his homework of fractions…uh, what! Then we are going to take it to the gym to work it out! Anywho, I am going to leave you all with a buch of randomness bouncing around in my head. Plus, I need o post on my blog more than once a week! goodness!

The randomness…

*I keep toying with this idea going from super-seriousness, to not so super-serious about packing up and getting a one-way ticket to Jamaica and move there. I’m SO sick of this cold weather; it irks me to no end! Why must I freeze like 5 months out of the year – it blows! So, I concocted that I would move to JA, work on a resort and become a local…i’m not playing

*I got so annoyed tody at the woman at the bank who one, called my little brother short for a 9 year old – who asked you!?! and two for ASSuming he was my son! WTF! She was all, “Oh aren’t you having fun today MOM with him!” what!? she addressed me as “mom” – w t f…anyways moving on

*I need to step up my weight game – lifting weights that is. I was getting super buff(LOL) before my trip to Miami, but after that I stopped with the weights because…no reason, I had no time in the morning after te 5:45 AM spinning class to fit in adequate weight time. So, I’m going to start going to the gym twice a day to get back my svelt physique! I’ll soon have a pre-sale going for tickets to the gun show….please, I know, don’t laugh! haha

*Speaking of pre-sale – WHEN THE F*CK are the Glow In the Dark Tour tickets going on sale for VA! Damn! shows are selling out in like 30 minutes! I’m not playing, I will cut somebody if I don’t get damn tickets for this tour! trust!

*At least I’m going to see Jay and Mary – I would be more excited , but my seats are in the damn nosebleed section due to the pre-sale on Roc-a-Fella…blah!

*Speaking of motherhood, I have learned more about pregnancy than I EVER wanted to know these past few weeeks from a coworker who is due next week. She’s lucky, she gained no weight and looks like she has a beach ball for a stomach! But all the women are doting over her b/c t’s her first. She is SUPER excited, but all that talk, all the details…yuck! no thanks! I don’t think I could carry around a little human in my belly for 9+ months…nah homey!

*And to think, JLo was carrying two little humans in her belly! WOW! amazing! unless they make some kind of incubator for human babies, I’m not having one…I think – oh go away biological clock! GO!

*I’m about to cut my hair, like seriously short! Not Halle and not Rhianna, longer than Rhianna’s, yeah that’ll work!

*This weather better not act up! I’m looking forward to seeing a few people tomorrow night!

*I have a fantabulous outfit picked out for it too, so I’m not playing!

*Even my little brother hates the weather, he wants to move to Florida

*I’m thinking about moving; I can’t stay in NOVA for another year! I just can’t do it! I’m over it! L.A or Atlanta – hmmmm we shall see

That’s it for my randomness. Now lets just hope I actually post more than once a week! Goodness, you’d think I had some super packed busy schedule….well, sorta, but I miss my blog! Alright, have a fab day people! I’m off to read your wonderful blogs!!!

Saturday Mornings

February 16, 2008

 Let me tell you why I love my Saturday Mornings…SOAPNET and Beverly Hills 90210…LOL!!!! Oh yeah and the O.C…don’t laugh! haha! I love these stupid shows! I clean, workout, blog, talk on the phone, cook breakfast, whatever while watching these shows back to back. I love it!!!I also like “sleeping in” till 9! lol, I get up M,W,F at 4:45 for the gym so 9 is totally sleeping in! I love Saturdays because I can unwind from the week and have time just for me! Last Saturday was all about taxes and researching for this job – which BTW I had two FAB interviews! I got called back the same day of my first interview for my second interview! That job is SO mine! Praise Jesus!!!

This Saturday I will be going to my favorite store – Trader Joe’s lol to stock up on oranic and healthful goodies for the week.  Then I’m going rock climbing and go-karting with the homies.  After that I’m going shopping for a new church dress to go with my fantabulous heels since I will be accepting the Right Hand of Fellowship tomorrow at my NEW CHURCH HOME! yippeee!! I love my church!

So, I am off to peruse blogs! Oh yeah, got my Jay and Mary tix! can’t wait! But I’m REALLY stalking ticketmaster for the Glow in the Dark Tour! Ummmmm can you say PRESSED! It’s just like THE BEST concert E-V-E-R!!! Kanye, LUPE, N.E.R.D! (oh yeah and Rhianna-blah) but yeah, I’m goin front row – Don’t care the price! Ok, peace! Have a fab LONG weekend!!!


Fashion Week – semi round up!

February 9, 2008

*pics via Stereohyped

Hi!!! So, my week has been ultra hectic and I have fallen short of daily reporting on my wrap up of Fashion Week! Yikes! But, GOOD thing there are fabulous fashionistas out here in this blogosphere who attended actual shows and have given their view of the famed Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!  So while I get myself together on this Saturday, check in on these blogs for some insight!

Check out Claire at The Fashion Bomb – she attended plenty of shows and took great pics with the attendees!

My homey since grade school, FashionKitty, lived out our dream and attended Fashion Week! Check her fashion week outfits and diary as well as commentation on the shows!

A new blog [to me] Style Chile 

Lauren over at Stereohyped, keeps track of the Black Models on the Runway – Chanel Iman was clearly a favorite! Work it then Girlie! and Jourdan Dunn

And to get your fill and make your own opinions of the Fall 2008 fashions, check the Mercedes Benz main site as well as NY Magazine’s fashion round up!

Alright! I’m off to do some serious research for this job and do my taxes! Have a great weekend!!!!!

Genevieve Jones

February 7, 2008

Who is Genevieve Jones? I admit, I didn’t know who she was until Vogue ran a piece on her in their March issue back in 2006 dubbing her “Girl of the Moment” and from then I’ve been keeping up with her style, whereabouts etc etc! It was refreshing to see a fellow brown girl-about-town hob nobbing it up with the fabulous Fashion set at Fashion Weeks and charitable events and galas alike.

You can now find many articles and pictures, like the ones I got from, on this Geneveieve Jones. While most of the articles you will find question the very existence of such a phenomenon – you know, a BLACK socialite that noone seems to know her background, education, where she comes from etc, etc, etc. Well, let me tell you, I could care less about where she came from and if she is ‘just a social climber’ – hell, do you chick! She looks fab, always and gives the rest of those so-called famous FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING “socialites” a run for their looks; I saw looks, not money because she looks fab in everything she rocks!

People make it no secret to talk about her and try and tear her down, but people are always questioning something different, whatever. Stylists and designers know that with her 5’6 and 100 lbs frame, she will look FAB in their designer duds, so they give them to her, hoping/knowing she will be photographed in their stuff. 

Tag! I’m it!

February 6, 2008

My homey since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Fashion Kitty, – yup, we go WAAAAAY back, tagged me, so here goes! Definitely a different set of questions than I normally get:

1. What is the story behind the name of your blog?

The story of the name of my blog can be found in this post – Welcome to My PURPLE World.  It definitely took me a while to come up with a blog name that I actually liked! I knew I liked – no LOVE fashion, but, there are TONS of fashion blogs out there; so I didn’t want it to be a fashion-themed name if I decided to stray from fashion – ya digg? So I went through this period of INSOMNIA and stayed up till like 4 in the morning EVERYDAY! I finally came up with the name out of nowhere and scoured the net to prettify my new blog home(at Bloggger at first)

2. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

This is a good question! Kind of like the question I get when I tell peole I went to Florida State Univ – “Why did you pick FSU?” – again, good question; I still don’t know! Anyhoo, back to the question – I began blogging because I have one hell of an opinion on everything and a wanted a place to voice said opinions! I also began blogging because Myspace blogs wasn’t doing it for me! Oh! Another reason I began blogging was to learn more about the inner workings of HTML and all that jazz! At my job, at the time, we dealt with light HTML stuff and it made me curious; curious enough that I’m going to take an HTML class at the community college so I can do my OWN blog design!

3. What is your best blogging experience? Your worst?

Best: hmmmmmmm…I guess I just like writing stuff down and reading other people’s reactions to it. I also like that this is an electronic diary/journal.

Worst: No clue! Don’t have one!

4. What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?

Well! I am going to be purchasing a domain name and having my boy do a spectacular blog design! That is err uh, if I stop, in his word people, not mine, “Holding my d***” about it! LOL!!! He kindly offered his d*** for me to hold if I felt the need to, you know, hold one…LOL!

As far as the direction/vision, whatever – I’m not changing it at all! I just want a fancy-schmancy design and yup, thats it!

Fall 2008 Trend Alert: Wide Stripes

February 6, 2008
Wide Stripes

Beware: Wide stripes really aren’t for everyone, but most can pull this off! Not trying to be mean, but, horizontal lines never make you look smaller than you are; just keep that in mind when choosing which tops to rock with this wide stripes trend seen on the runways of MB Fashion Week.

WOO HOO!! I LOVE my job at ThisNext as a Fashion/Beauty Product Guide! It’s fabulous!! Social shopping is mucho fun and it definitely pays off $$$! I was the first place winner this month for generating the most page views for all of my recommendations! YAY! Go me! So my prize is bonus $$$ on top of what I get for having fun making FABULOUS recommendations on ThisNext!

See more of my Fall 2008 Trend Alert: Wide Stripes list at ThisNext.

Blah day turned FAB!

February 5, 2008

Hola! So, it REALLY sucks at my job because I can’t even log onto to WordPress to post! WHAT!!! Yeah, the internet is on SERIOUS lock here; IT’S CRAZY!!! So anyways, I stayed up WAY to late last night, for no reason other than that. I think I was anxious about something, but I couldn’t figure it out, so finally at about 2:30 am I slipped on my sleeping mask and lights out!

Ofcourse I overslept and hit my alarm for…AN HOUR! lol! I’m crazy! So I get up, pray, don’t read my daily devotions – tsk! tsk! (I need those in my life to start my day off right, so I already knew!) I’m rushing around, getting ready etc etc, listening to my Yolanda Adams Morning show, WISHING I had read my devotions, but no time – sad right? I know! UGH! So I’m feeling all kinds of blah – it’s foggy and rainy – I can’t stand it! Get in
my car and think to myself, “Self, let’s go get a Venti Caramel Apple Spice with EXTRA Caramel at the Starbucks drive through!” LOL! Stupid idea THAT was! The drive through line was MAAAAD long, so I backed out, stomach grumbling and all, and went on my merry way to work!

I finally get to work, STARVED! – see I belive in eating breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up so your metabolism is set! But, because I was running late…anyways! I’m sitting at work, BLOWN that the internet is on SUCH lock, more so than before – I mean I can’t even log onto ThisNext to do my fashion stuff! – BLOWN! so clearly I’m NOT in a good mood, I’m cranky, annoyed, just, I can’t stand to be at work at this moment. So I
call my mom – lol! Poor woman, I call her all the time and complain! She’s like, “Chile, what do you want me to do about it! At least it’s a J-O-B! Go to the library and get a book!”

FAB advice mom! So I did just that and turned my outing into a fabulous one! I looked up the book I wanted to check out, Conversations with God, called and had them put it on hold for me.  So where I work there is a plethora of Luxury stores – Tiff’s, Hermes, Louis V, Saks, Neimans, Gucci etc… I quickly plot my outing – go to check out book, go to Starbucks, finally, and go to Hermes and Louis V to check out bags[that I have no
business buying.]

On the way to the library, I get side tracked and go to Trader Joes! I LOOOOOVE this store! I had a ball in there! Such a cute little Organic store! I like Whole Foods, but it’s MAD expensive so me and Trader Joes just became good friends! So I finish in Trader Joes and head to the library, pick up my book, then it’s off to Hermes!!! Only, I had spent so much time at the libary and Trader Joes that I only had like 10 minutes left and ten minutes is NOT enough time to peruse the likes of beautiful Hermes bags in depth!

Either way, my frown has been turned upside down – good thing, I don’t want to get frown lines – and today is going to be a BEAUTIFUL, GOD BLESSED DAY!!