Blah day turned FAB!

Hola! So, it REALLY sucks at my job because I can’t even log onto to WordPress to post! WHAT!!! Yeah, the internet is on SERIOUS lock here; IT’S CRAZY!!! So anyways, I stayed up WAY to late last night, for no reason other than that. I think I was anxious about something, but I couldn’t figure it out, so finally at about 2:30 am I slipped on my sleeping mask and lights out!

Ofcourse I overslept and hit my alarm for…AN HOUR! lol! I’m crazy! So I get up, pray, don’t read my daily devotions – tsk! tsk! (I need those in my life to start my day off right, so I already knew!) I’m rushing around, getting ready etc etc, listening to my Yolanda Adams Morning show, WISHING I had read my devotions, but no time – sad right? I know! UGH! So I’m feeling all kinds of blah – it’s foggy and rainy – I can’t stand it! Get in
my car and think to myself, “Self, let’s go get a Venti Caramel Apple Spice with EXTRA Caramel at the Starbucks drive through!” LOL! Stupid idea THAT was! The drive through line was MAAAAD long, so I backed out, stomach grumbling and all, and went on my merry way to work!

I finally get to work, STARVED! – see I belive in eating breakfast within 45 minutes of waking up so your metabolism is set! But, because I was running late…anyways! I’m sitting at work, BLOWN that the internet is on SUCH lock, more so than before – I mean I can’t even log onto ThisNext to do my fashion stuff! – BLOWN! so clearly I’m NOT in a good mood, I’m cranky, annoyed, just, I can’t stand to be at work at this moment. So I
call my mom – lol! Poor woman, I call her all the time and complain! She’s like, “Chile, what do you want me to do about it! At least it’s a J-O-B! Go to the library and get a book!”

FAB advice mom! So I did just that and turned my outing into a fabulous one! I looked up the book I wanted to check out, Conversations with God, called and had them put it on hold for me.  So where I work there is a plethora of Luxury stores – Tiff’s, Hermes, Louis V, Saks, Neimans, Gucci etc… I quickly plot my outing – go to check out book, go to Starbucks, finally, and go to Hermes and Louis V to check out bags[that I have no
business buying.]

On the way to the library, I get side tracked and go to Trader Joes! I LOOOOOVE this store! I had a ball in there! Such a cute little Organic store! I like Whole Foods, but it’s MAD expensive so me and Trader Joes just became good friends! So I finish in Trader Joes and head to the library, pick up my book, then it’s off to Hermes!!! Only, I had spent so much time at the libary and Trader Joes that I only had like 10 minutes left and ten minutes is NOT enough time to peruse the likes of beautiful Hermes bags in depth!

Either way, my frown has been turned upside down – good thing, I don’t want to get frown lines – and today is going to be a BEAUTIFUL, GOD BLESSED DAY!!


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One Response to “Blah day turned FAB!”

  1. the narcist Says:

    i love it when that happens. makes me maintain my optimism=)

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