Saturday Mornings


 Let me tell you why I love my Saturday Mornings…SOAPNET and Beverly Hills 90210…LOL!!!! Oh yeah and the O.C…don’t laugh! haha! I love these stupid shows! I clean, workout, blog, talk on the phone, cook breakfast, whatever while watching these shows back to back. I love it!!!I also like “sleeping in” till 9! lol, I get up M,W,F at 4:45 for the gym so 9 is totally sleeping in! I love Saturdays because I can unwind from the week and have time just for me! Last Saturday was all about taxes and researching for this job – which BTW I had two FAB interviews! I got called back the same day of my first interview for my second interview! That job is SO mine! Praise Jesus!!!

This Saturday I will be going to my favorite store – Trader Joe’s lol to stock up on oranic and healthful goodies for the week.  Then I’m going rock climbing and go-karting with the homies.  After that I’m going shopping for a new church dress to go with my fantabulous heels since I will be accepting the Right Hand of Fellowship tomorrow at my NEW CHURCH HOME! yippeee!! I love my church!

So, I am off to peruse blogs! Oh yeah, got my Jay and Mary tix! can’t wait! But I’m REALLY stalking ticketmaster for the Glow in the Dark Tour! Ummmmm can you say PRESSED! It’s just like THE BEST concert E-V-E-R!!! Kanye, LUPE, N.E.R.D! (oh yeah and Rhianna-blah) but yeah, I’m goin front row – Don’t care the price! Ok, peace! Have a fab LONG weekend!!!



5 Responses to “Saturday Mornings”

  1. the narcist Says:


    I was gonna get mary and jay but paying almost a buck fifty seemed slightly extravagent since my pockets are slim. Plus for the best of both worlds tour i only paid like ninety bucks so I feel like jay’s getting too big for his britches!

    Congrats on your new church home and your new heels and your new upcoming job=)

  2. Autumn Says:

    Saturday Mornings are the best!

  3. don Says:

    I wouldn’t mind being able to attend the Mary J and Jay Z concert. One day I sat and watched every YouTube video I saw of their live performance. Love the spirit of those two artist.

    I downloaded the Glow In The Dark mixtape last night. I was shocked to see Rihanna had so many songs on the album. They are jammin’ on it.

  4. Meredith Says:

    Yep – I am a SoapNet addict too lol 😉

  5. Eb Says:

    Girl… them jay and mary tix are ridiculous…

    Concert ticket prices inflation… I’m also blaming on Bush… cuz its really starting to get out of control!

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