Another Fab Saturday!!!

Ah yes!!! It’s SATURDAY!!!! Let’s see, Went to the gym for two hours, check, had a crazy, “get back your guns” workout! My upper body is SCREAMING right now! Oooh! I found a new machine that I loooooove! It’s that machine, the chin/dip assist! Man, never in my LIFE had I ever been able to do a damn chin up in Elementary school – no upper body strength ( i hated those little boys who could do like 40 in a row) anyhoo, I’m in LOVE with this machine! LOVE! ok, enough gym talk. Let’s see…

Today is a fab day! I’m chillin all day till I go to M A C to get my make up done for the nights festivities! It’s one of my friends 30th birthday so we are going to party fabulous tonight at this oh so swanky venue! Can’t wait! Got my dress, shoes, bag all set! YAY! Plus, I get to see this cutie, yippeeee!

While I’m sitting here enjoying SOAP Net, I found something that makes me ULTRA excited! Ummmm they FINALLY announced the pre-sale dates for the Glow in the Dark tour for VA!!!! Hell yes! Oh I am SOOOOOOO stalking ticketmaster on that day! Oh, I will NOT not get a ticket, you hear me! NOPE! Shows are selling out in 30 minutes! 30 minutes! Yeah, it’s serious!

I’m out! going to dye my hair again! Peace!!!!!!



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