So, if I haven’t mentioned before how much I love my job at ThisNext, I DO!!! I LOVE scouring the net for the latest and the greatest ad sharing with the world! I love ThisNext because it is a socail shopping site! It’s fab, just fab! So here are some of my new lists that I have recommended over at ThisNext. Check it:

Put Your Hood Up!!!

Put your Hood up!

I absolutely LOVE a good hoodie! Love them! From my simple velour Juicy hoodies – yes, we all have them, to my more fun and funky elaborate hoodies with all types of stuff on them – graphics, designs, sparkles, skulls etc etc etc! Here is a list of some of my favorite hoodies I’ve found out on the net!

See more of my Put your Hood up! list at ThisNext.

Gucci Love

Gucci Love!

I remember when Frida Giannini took over the Gucci house and lets just say I’ve been underwhelmed wth her offereings. I remember merchandising my Gucci wall at Saks and hating each piece that came in…that is until now! I luv luv luv the handbag collection and the clothes aren’t half bad either! These are some of my picks from Gucci Spring/Summer handbags

See more of my Gucci Love! list at ThisNext.

I Want New Makeup

I want some NEW makeup!

Recently, I have been dreading putting on my makeup because…I NEED NEW MAKEUP! Hot new colors! New brushes! The whole lot! Here are some of the new stuff I will be buying.

See more of my I want some NEW makeup! list at ThisNext.


Purple & Pink

Easily some of my most favorite colors ever! Purple is my favorite color. Ever since I was a child I have been obsessed with purple, everything! This list is everything I love from clothes, to purses, to pens!

See more of my Purple & Pink list at ThisNext.


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  1. Eb Says:

    I heart purple soooooooo much!

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