SUCH a fab weekend!

Just got in from dinner with my homey Ashley from SC, my mommy, my little brother Jordan and mom’s friend Elaine…stuffed!!! I hadn’t eaten all day so I was more than thrilled to have bang bang shrimp! anyways. So I’m chillin watching the Oscars; mad I missed the red carpet – that’s all that really matters. Anyways, on to my weekend…

Saturday was mucho relaxing! I go to MAC, get my make up done and the girl did a fab job! I heart the MAC girls! I picked out my colors and she WOWes up my eyes! Love it! (I have pics, but until my camera starts acting nice with my laptop I can’t post them 😦 BUT we got some pics at the spot so I will post those once he puts them on the site.)

So on to the partay! Such a fab venue! Everyone was beautiful and pretty and impeccably dressed! Love it! My boy had on this SMASHING suit! I loved it! LOVED it! He looked soooo good in it lol 😉 So the party scene was def a good look. I love it when young, pretty people gather to party LOL! There were quite a few cuties there, so that was also a plus! For some reason, all of the guys I found attractive were *shock* and *awe* not 6’5 and light skin LOL!!! They were pretty average height (not 6’0) really strange for me, trust! But, cuties nonetheless 🙂 Let’s see…

We left at a decent hour which was good. I got about 4 hours of sleep then the good Lord woke me up and I went to church! WOOOOOOOOOO! Church was chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch! Yet again! I’m so glad I got up and went to service! I absolutely LOVE my church! It’s so, just wonderful! I’m so glad God lead me to such a fulfilling and wonderful church!

So after my amazing soul stirring service, I took it to the part time and dragged through the shift lol! I just wanted to be home on my couch watching my DVRd shows and playing on the internet. Oh well, free money is hard to pass up hahahahaha! So to the present! I always talk about moving away, far, far away, but really, I LOVE being able to see my fam- my mom, little brother, dad all are within a 15 mile radius – it’s comforting and well, they’d MISS me so! I think I’m going to plan a trip to Richmond to go see my other little brother who is at VCU.

Mind has lost track so I’m going to sign off now. PEACE!!!


2 Responses to “SUCH a fab weekend!”

  1. Autumn Says:

    I heart the MAC girls! I so feel ya!

    LMBO @ Church was chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch!

    I Love It!

  2. the narcist Says:

    two fab weekends in a row? you’re a lucky gal!

    must agree that the mac girls are wonderful, at montgomery mall we have a trio that are toooo fierce for words. i simply adore them!

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