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Destination to Becoming a Domestic Goddess Part Trois

March 31, 2008

Back in the kitchen again! I made two meals in one hour and a half…yup! I’m GOOD!!! I had gone to the grocery store earlier in the week and picked up this piece of salmon that was going to, no doubt, be delicious…once I cooked it LOL! So Sunday, I finally decided to cook! (Plus the fact that I realized I spent too much money last week, partying and eating out so I needed to make some food for the week)

To go with my salmon, I had picked up some success brown rice that cooks in 10 minutes – gotta love it! and was going to just have veggies on the side. Well, once I thought about it, I realized that’s really not going to last long so I needed to make another dish.

 I had been craving Thai food ever since I went to this little authentic place a couple weeks ago so I decided I’d make Green Curry with tofu, vegetables and brown rice; this required a trip to the grocery store early Sunday morning.

 So I wrote out my grocery list, went to Giant, picked up my items I’d need and headed home to cook! This time I didn’t use any recipes. I made the green curry dish from scratch – I just remembered what was in it at the restaurant and recreated it – TASTY!!! Instead of plain brown rice, I used the brown rice with portabella mushrooms – DELISH!

Below are all of the pics taken while I was cooking the meals:

Salmon – cooked in seasame oil and garlic, seasoned with whatever was in my cabinet(a myriad of things)


Brown rice with broccoli and cheese – from the Success brown rice packet and Green Giant Broccoli and Cheese


 Thai Green Curry with Vegetables and Tofu w/ Brown Rice

Cubed tofu – cooked with sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds


Brown rice with portabella mushrooms


Green Curry sauce – green curry paste, coconut milk and jalapenos


Vegetables used – frozen blend of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and can of stir fry veggies


Thai green curry with vegetables and tofu


Dessert – fresh strawberries quartered, can of pineapples in pineapple juice


Clean Kitchen!



“Have you ever…

March 27, 2008

…been in LOVE?”

That question was posed to me by this guy I dated last year and I emphatically answered “YES!”  However, the same exact question was posed to me by my friend this past weekend [while we were on our way to look at engagement rings…for her] if I had, in fact ever been in love.

Well, before I could answer this question, I did a quick soul search and I laughed to myself that I had been able to answer the question ever so easily last year, but yet now, I had quite a time answering.

During this quick soul search, I had to think back to whom I was referring to when I answered yes to the guy I dated…Funny because I couldn’t recall ANYONE at that moment who I was TRULY in love with and vice versa. So, I ask myself, “Self, who WERE you ever in love with???”

I thought about it for the duration of the car ride to Tiffany’s and really couldn’t come up with anyone! Crazy right! I mean, I remember when I THOUGHT I was in love with someone; that doesn’t count. Not for this question.

Then I thought about the times when I thought I was in love, it was definitely with the wrong person(people).  I did love someone, I told him so, but I love him as a friend. Sure it was much more than that before, but it’s not like that now.

So driving into work, I’m on the phone with one of my girl’s who is about to move in with her boo. They are so cute; true black love at its finest.  They are in love. My friend with whom I went ring shopping with, yup, she is in love.

Now while I understand that love means something completely different to many people, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever been in love…so crazy! I’ve been in relationships where we liked each other alot, but that’s not love…right? Nope! Wow! I just had such a revelation this morning and it’s kind of astounding. But it’s not all bad or weird or crazy; not to me.

It makes perfect sense! I have never met a guy who has ever loved me the way God loves me.  And I’ve never loved a guy the way I love the Lord. So, yeah, to me it makes perfect sense. 

“A woman’s heart should be so buried in Christ, that a man has to seek God to find it.”

So have you ever been in love? I’m sure you will say yes, but it was eye-opening to say the least to realize that the emotion I felt was not that of true love; it was just LIKE! HAHA!!!

“One Look to Calvary Can Dispel Your Doubts”

March 26, 2008
Where Jesus reigns there is no fear,
No restless doubt, no hopeless tear,
No raging sea nor tempest dread,
But quietness and calm instead.  —Anon.

Waging War

March 25, 2008

I’m tired of principalities
Messing with me
(Waging war)
I’m tired of the devil
Stealing from me

(Waging war)
I promise he won’t get
One more thing

(Waging war)
I’m taking it back
Taking territory

(Waging war)
I’m ready for the battle
I’m ready to win

(Waging war)
My weapon of power
He lives within

(Waging war)
I cant be defeated
The enemy gotta flee
(waging war)
I’m taking it back
Taking territory

My Name is Victory!

March 18, 2008

*Song is at 3:35 on the video*

My Name is Victory
Jonathan Nelson and Purpose

I’ve got evidence

I’ve got confidence

I’m a conqueror

I know that I win

I know who I am

God wrote it in His plan for me

Oh, my name is Victory 

God gave me (authority)

To conquer (the enemy)

He wrote in (my destiny)

That my name is (victory)

He said that (I’ve overcome)

I know I’ve (already won)

He wrote in my (destiny)

I know who I am

God wrote it in

His plan for me

Oh, my name is Victory

I know my identity

My name is Victory

Victory that’s my name

Victory I know who I am

I know who I am!

Wrote this @ 1:29 AM 3/16/08 while at Mixx

March 17, 2008

So when I go out of town I always see like two to three people who are the jet
setters, the fashion forward folk. So Ohio(Cincinnati) was no exception. I saw this chick in
something simple yet so chic, she had on some skinny jeans some damn fabulous
shoes, a clutch that I would fight her for and her scarf game was on point!

Then there is this little boy. I’m not sure he was really a little boy but he was like my height maybe 2 inches taller than me but his fashion game was mean. He had on some nice jeans, a two tome gray cardigan, a jesus piece , some old skool but new adidas hightop kicks…and gold fronts, 4 to the bottom.  Nonetheless he was quite easily one of the nicer dressed males in here.

Then there was this gurl who had on these cute leggings that I own as well, just
black but with three gold buttons down the side, but she had on these shoes! Omg! The shoes!!! Made me question my whole shoe game altogether! I will try and find a pic.

Oh yeah the place was filled with some bammas too LOL! I seen a chick in rave clothes carrying a brand new LV Manhattan PM bag…girl get ur priorities in order! I also saw TONS of fashion faux pas! I don’t even think I can call them ‘fashion’ per se b/c they were just. so. bad!!!!

I  see people trying but damn did they fail miserably! I myself had on a damn cute
fit! My new super wide leg high waisted jeans with this fab zebra print shirt cut down to
there. I paired my ensemble with my new patent leather yellow cluth and my 5 inch ‘chloe’ wedges. I was fab! make up fierce, hair fierce! *side bar, ppl keep asking me if I’m ethiopian…I used to get dominican and puerto rican…now its east african or ethiopian…cant I just be black??? * end side bar*

“I be in the gym just workin on my fitness”

March 12, 2008

Yahoo! Avatars
Lol @ this avatar! but I couldn’t find a cute picture on Google images!

So today starts my two-a-days!! YAY!! The weather is starting to get nice and my motivation is at an all time high – I’m taking FULL advantage!! Yup! I will be going to the gym twice a day, 4-5 days out of the week! Yessir! I’m not playing! Clearly I have been because I am NOT seeing the results I want so I’m going to push and push harder!

I love the fact that my gym is 5 minutes from my house, so I really have no excuse. Not to mention the gym is perfect! There are TONS of fun classes to take-Boxing, Kick Boxing, Spinning, Latin Dance, Hip Hop, Swimming, lots of equipment so I can get my weight lifting on oh yeah and lots of eye candy 😉 tee hee!!

Also, once it starts getting lighter in la manana, I am going to start back to running outside. Running on a treadmill is like THE most boring thing in LIFE!!! I love the area around my house- there is a two mile area around all the condos that I like to run around.  There is also this CRUCIAL hill half way through that I love to sprint up!

I’m going to invest in a new pair of running shoes because last year I developed heel spurs in BOTH of my heels! I was crushed! But that didn’t stop me! I just took advil before and after running and iced my heels EVERY day ALL day to make it through! No silly injury like that is going to hold me down!

Modell’s is having some crazy sale so I’m going to get some more cute workout stuff. I gotta get something pink to match my weight lifting gloves, LOL!!! This morning I went to spinning at 5:45 AM and tonight is Latin Dancing! Here’s to hoping nah, KNOWING all this fun working out is going to whip me back into even MORE fabulous shape!

Ciao, *B*

Random Product Review – Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter

March 12, 2008


I was going through and re-organizing my beauty proucts and hair stuff and found a sample packet of this Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter. I put it to the side and kept organizing- this was over the weekend. So today, I’m getting ready for work, super refreshed from my workout this morning and am going through my plethora of Body Butters, but none of them seem to suit my fancy!

Then I remember aha! That Bliss body butter! So I open the packet and notice the consistency is light, yet thick – almost whipped. The scent was super light, crisp and refreshing and the way it feels! – YUM!! My skin feels SO amazing!!! And the best part, I didn’t even have to use that much; that stuff goes a long way!

I’ve used Bliss products before, mostly because of samples I’ve received, but never really buy because it’s a bit pricey.  However, I will be investing in a bottle of this stuff ASAP! I’m on the Sephora website now seeing what else I can order to accompany it!

Anyways, had to share! I LOVE body butters – I think I have EVERY scent from The Body Shop – I like their stuff because it’s all natural.  I didn’t think any other body butter could compare, but Bliss Labs did!

Back in the Kitchen: The Destination to Becoming a Domestic Goddess Part Deux

March 7, 2008

Such a long blog title! ha! Anyways, I’m back to cooking! YAY! I seriously never thought I’d like cooking, but I love that I can make yummy food just from following a recipe and tweaking it to my tastes! This week I ventured into Latin territory, as well as, Asian territory! 

These ladies at my job RAVE about this Black Bean Soup from weight watchers so you know I had to get the recipe! Black Bean Soup – The recipe is SOOOOO easy I shocked myself!! What I love about the soup is it’s consistency; it is SO light and good for you and SO filling!! Here are my pics – I topped with fat free sour cream, fat free mexi-blend cheese and red peppers – I like EVERYTHING spicy!


Next I was perusing for no real reason and came upon this wonderful recipe for Peanut Noodles with Tofu. I wish this link had a picture but it doesn’t so you will have to enjoy mine!! I made this dish last night and IT.IS.DIVINE!!! Even better, I was able to pick up all of the ingredients at Giant in the ethnic food aisle! This dish can be made spicy or not, but ofcourse, I made mine hella spicy!! I added a side of organic mixed Asian greens and bean sprouts.  They said this dish is also really good served cold, so I am going to try it cold today for lunch.


What I love the most about these recipes is how healthy they are.  Low in calories but HIGH in taste!! I think I like this whole cooking thing, it’s not so bad after all!



March 5, 2008

…So how come I’m not basking in the beautiful sun and sand and water like I was in Cancun last year and St. Thomas for my birthday the year before that…


…Why do I still rush home to watch my DVR of the day’s General Hospital! I lovee this show!

…Why was it SO nice Monday and Tuesday but today it’s all cold again! Where is SPRING!!!

…Why haven’t I studied and taken my GMAT?

…Why is Corporate America like THE worst place EVER!

…Why did I find these FAB shoes in my closet I never knew I had! hahahaha

…Why don’t I live off the Amalfi Coast???


…How come my boy in FL can get a phat crib for 150K but if I were to spend that here in the expensive a** DMV, I’d be living in the hood in a cardboard box!?!

…These girls on The Bad Girl’s Club are a MESS!

…I don’t feel like going to the gym tonight, but I am…I love it when I get there, but I hate going after work! It’s torture!  BUT I love my legs and my calves are something serious!


…Toccara looks great! albeit, a tad bit airbrushed


…I got my license today, my real one sans the Scarlet Letter ‘R’…I should be cised, which I am, BUT my picture! UGH! It’s SO not what’s up! I want a re-do! Yup, I’m going to pay $10 more dollars! I am vain…duh!

…I had a whole list of stuff I came up with while driving because people here can’t drive for nothin, but I forgot!