Back in the Kitchen: The Destination to Becoming a Domestic Goddess Part Deux

Such a long blog title! ha! Anyways, I’m back to cooking! YAY! I seriously never thought I’d like cooking, but I love that I can make yummy food just from following a recipe and tweaking it to my tastes! This week I ventured into Latin territory, as well as, Asian territory! 

These ladies at my job RAVE about this Black Bean Soup from weight watchers so you know I had to get the recipe! Black Bean Soup – The recipe is SOOOOO easy I shocked myself!! What I love about the soup is it’s consistency; it is SO light and good for you and SO filling!! Here are my pics – I topped with fat free sour cream, fat free mexi-blend cheese and red peppers – I like EVERYTHING spicy!


Next I was perusing for no real reason and came upon this wonderful recipe for Peanut Noodles with Tofu. I wish this link had a picture but it doesn’t so you will have to enjoy mine!! I made this dish last night and IT.IS.DIVINE!!! Even better, I was able to pick up all of the ingredients at Giant in the ethnic food aisle! This dish can be made spicy or not, but ofcourse, I made mine hella spicy!! I added a side of organic mixed Asian greens and bean sprouts.  They said this dish is also really good served cold, so I am going to try it cold today for lunch.


What I love the most about these recipes is how healthy they are.  Low in calories but HIGH in taste!! I think I like this whole cooking thing, it’s not so bad after all!



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5 Responses to “Back in the Kitchen: The Destination to Becoming a Domestic Goddess Part Deux”

  1. Special K Says:

    The black bean soup looks delicious, please send me the recipe. Love your site, visit me when you get a chance.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Yummy darling!!! Find that link for the soup:)

  3. don Says:

    The Black Bean Soup looks very tasty.

  4. Queen of My Castle Says:

    Oh gosh, I wish I liked to cook. I envy you! LOL

  5. Ray Says:

    mmmmm that first recipe sounds sooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post it! geez–stop being greedy with the recipes, yo!
    im so proud of you that your all domesticated and stuff. you know what comes next, right? a husband. its true–my nana told me.

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