Wrote this @ 1:29 AM 3/16/08 while at Mixx

So when I go out of town I always see like two to three people who are the jet
setters, the fashion forward folk. So Ohio(Cincinnati) was no exception. I saw this chick in
something simple yet so chic, she had on some skinny jeans some damn fabulous
shoes, a clutch that I would fight her for and her scarf game was on point!

Then there is this little boy. I’m not sure he was really a little boy but he was like my height maybe 2 inches taller than me but his fashion game was mean. He had on some nice jeans, a two tome gray cardigan, a jesus piece , some old skool but new adidas hightop kicks…and gold fronts, 4 to the bottom.  Nonetheless he was quite easily one of the nicer dressed males in here.

Then there was this gurl who had on these cute leggings that I own as well, just
black but with three gold buttons down the side, but she had on these shoes! Omg! The shoes!!! Made me question my whole shoe game altogether! I will try and find a pic.

Oh yeah the place was filled with some bammas too LOL! I seen a chick in rave clothes carrying a brand new LV Manhattan PM bag…girl get ur priorities in order! I also saw TONS of fashion faux pas! I don’t even think I can call them ‘fashion’ per se b/c they were just. so. bad!!!!

I  see people trying but damn did they fail miserably! I myself had on a damn cute
fit! My new super wide leg high waisted jeans with this fab zebra print shirt cut down to
there. I paired my ensemble with my new patent leather yellow cluth and my 5 inch ‘chloe’ wedges. I was fab! make up fierce, hair fierce! *side bar, ppl keep asking me if I’m ethiopian…I used to get dominican and puerto rican…now its east african or ethiopian…cant I just be black??? * end side bar*


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