My Name is Victory!

*Song is at 3:35 on the video*

My Name is Victory
Jonathan Nelson and Purpose

I’ve got evidence

I’ve got confidence

I’m a conqueror

I know that I win

I know who I am

God wrote it in His plan for me

Oh, my name is Victory 

God gave me (authority)

To conquer (the enemy)

He wrote in (my destiny)

That my name is (victory)

He said that (I’ve overcome)

I know I’ve (already won)

He wrote in my (destiny)

I know who I am

God wrote it in

His plan for me

Oh, my name is Victory

I know my identity

My name is Victory

Victory that’s my name

Victory I know who I am

I know who I am!


5 Responses to “My Name is Victory!”

  1. Autumn Says:

    JN is a great writer. I really am a big fan of his brother, Jason Nelson. Marvin Sapp redid alot of his songs on his new album.

    My favorite Jason Nelson song is “I Shall Live”. Hopefully, my boy Lowell from Men of Standard is going to do it on his new solo project.

  2. Joyce Strauss Says:

    When I first heard this song on the radio (104.3) I was coming to grips with the fact that one of my closest friends was struggling through her first cancer treatments. With my prayers, faith, trust in God and this song it got me through the painful thought of losing my friend. She has gone through her cancer and then the after her own, she went through it with her husband. She has always been a fighter in everything she has had to face and she has come up victoriously, so when I heard “My Name is Victory” it was her theme song. I cannot wait until I can purchase lyric sheets and music for this song to share it with the Women’s Ministry of my church.

  3. Reggie Winns Says:

    This song was done in the way it was recievd………… Perfect! it ministers to me everyday! im a NYC Officer on Rikers Island & i play this song as im crossing the bridge. Im a singer & drummer, my church home is Brooklyn Tabernacle Deliverance Center……… thank you for being obediant and writing & ministering this song!!!!! Peace………..

  4. Bobby Magee Says:

    Bro. Jonathan Nelson
    This song has blessed me personally. My outlook on life is awesomer, now. The first time i rememer seeing you was on The Church Channel. You and your group (Purpose) were rocking. Keep the faith my brother; you are an inspiration to me a thousand others.

  5. Shannon Walker Says:

    Hi, I’m writing to you from Integrity Music. (Jonathan is our artist.) Just wanted to say thanks for sharing about the song. We love to hear testimonies!

    We’ve been trying to connect with female bloggers who cover Gospel music. Would you be interested in receiving music samples? If so, shoot back an email to me,
    Shannon Walker
    Media Relations Department
    Integrity Music

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