“Have you ever…


…been in LOVE?”

That question was posed to me by this guy I dated last year and I emphatically answered “YES!”  However, the same exact question was posed to me by my friend this past weekend [while we were on our way to look at engagement rings…for her] if I had, in fact ever been in love.

Well, before I could answer this question, I did a quick soul search and I laughed to myself that I had been able to answer the question ever so easily last year, but yet now, I had quite a time answering.

During this quick soul search, I had to think back to whom I was referring to when I answered yes to the guy I dated…Funny because I couldn’t recall ANYONE at that moment who I was TRULY in love with and vice versa. So, I ask myself, “Self, who WERE you ever in love with???”

I thought about it for the duration of the car ride to Tiffany’s and really couldn’t come up with anyone! Crazy right! I mean, I remember when I THOUGHT I was in love with someone; that doesn’t count. Not for this question.

Then I thought about the times when I thought I was in love, it was definitely with the wrong person(people).  I did love someone, I told him so, but I love him as a friend. Sure it was much more than that before, but it’s not like that now.

So driving into work, I’m on the phone with one of my girl’s who is about to move in with her boo. They are so cute; true black love at its finest.  They are in love. My friend with whom I went ring shopping with, yup, she is in love.

Now while I understand that love means something completely different to many people, I can’t honestly say I’ve ever been in love…so crazy! I’ve been in relationships where we liked each other alot, but that’s not love…right? Nope! Wow! I just had such a revelation this morning and it’s kind of astounding. But it’s not all bad or weird or crazy; not to me.

It makes perfect sense! I have never met a guy who has ever loved me the way God loves me.  And I’ve never loved a guy the way I love the Lord. So, yeah, to me it makes perfect sense. 

“A woman’s heart should be so buried in Christ, that a man has to seek God to find it.”

So have you ever been in love? I’m sure you will say yes, but it was eye-opening to say the least to realize that the emotion I felt was not that of true love; it was just LIKE! HAHA!!!


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5 Responses to ““Have you ever…”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    I ask myself that all the time! I’m going with…no, I’ve never been in love. I’m in a situation now, but it’s more infatuation, strong like, not love. I used to think it was kinda pathetic to be this old without having been in love. But it’s not. It’s just life. I ran into my younger cousin’s bf at lunch today and they are in love, like my first love LOVE. It’s so cute, yet sickening. lol.

    Great observation.

  2. *B* fab Says:

    @ Southern Lady – First, it’s not at all pathetic! It’s what you said, it’s just life lol!!! That’s cute about your cousin and her bf! I used to think all that love, LOVE was “sickening” haha but it’s not it’s just cute and beautiful! 🙂

  3. the narcist Says:

    that is my favorite quote ever!

    i’ve never been in love but it hasn’t stopped me from believing that one day i will. i waiting patiently…

  4. Eb Says:

    I so feel you on what you thought was love when you were in the situation you realized that wasnt what love was suppose to feel like after you were out of it. I have been there before.

    I think we all know that quote by heart that a man has to seek God to find you and so often we lose site of that. I know I certainly do and am trying to work on it.

  5. Miss Sonya Says:

    I’ve been in love 1.5 times. I loved my daughter’s father, but after awhile we definitely wanted different things and I wasn’t ready for all of the things he wanted. I was in love with the one I was looking at plane tickets for, but I wouldnt admit it to myself because I didnt think he felt the same. Come to find out he certainly felt the same. Can you say “Fool!” because thats what I am. I dont know that he’s The One That Got Away but I’ve yet to feel about anyone the way I do about him. Anyway, right now I’m trying to wait on the Lord to tell me who He has created just for me to love and be loved by.

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