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Polyvore!!! – Why I will never get work done again!

April 29, 2008

 I was browsing the net making my daily recommendations over at ThisNext when I happened upon this FAAAAAAAABULOUS site Polyvore!!!! It allows you to put together outfits from the products they have or you can add to your own vault by linking pictures of products you like!!! *Screaming and jumping up and down* It’s SOOOOOOO much fun!!! This is what I’ve done so far! I will be playing on it ALL day! and forever! lol!

Chillin in my P-Rod II’s

Nautical Days in my YSL Tribute Gladiators 

What to wear to the Gold Cup races


New Tat

April 28, 2008

Got it Saturday while visiting my lil brother down at VCU. He had his friend draw it out and now me and him have it — his is WAY bigger and is on his tricep, his huge body building tricep lol!; my other brother, 23, will be getting his in a couple of months.  Ofcourse my little 10 y.o. brother can’t get it lol!

This is my second tattoo, but the first one I got when I was 18 so that was 8 yrs ago! *shock* *gasp* I am getting OLD!!! Anyways, I thought it was going to hurt just a bit because my friend got hers on her wrist and she had tears in her eyes. But as he was doing it, it def didn’t hurt and i was contemplating what my NEXT one will be! I’ve already sketched a couple things I want so I’m sure I will be on #3 in a matter of weeks LOL!

Allow me to give some UNDIGNIFIED PRAISE!!!

April 27, 2008

And I’m going to DANCE and SING and SHOUT!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Stephen Hurd came to my church today for our 30th Anniversary Celebration!!! I AM SO GLAD AND BLESSED I DID NOT MISS THIS SERVICE!!!!!!! The Lord was all up and through the church!!! I can’t even write a whole blog entry so this is going to have to be enough!!! The Lord blessed us today with His servant, Stephen Hurd!!! With that, I must go off to my PT gig but check the lyrics to Destiny –I SO NEEDED THIS SONG!!!!!!!!

by Stephen Hurd
My Destiny

What’s the plan that you have for me
The place you’ve called me to be
Some people call it destiny
Will you let me know

What’s the plight that
You’ve called me to
The thing I’m set aside to do
I trust you Lord to see me through
Will you let me look
In your heart

Lord hear my plea
Reveal to me
The mysteries
And the plan you have for me

This prayer is from me
Make known to me
The mysteries
And the plan you have for me


Thank you (Thank you)
For showing me (For showing me)
And directing me (directing me)
To my destiny (To my destiny)

Tell the Lord Thank you
(Thank you)
For showing me (For showing me)
And directing me (Directing me)
To my destiny (To my destiny)

I know what I’m here for
Thank you
For showing me
Directing me
To my destiny

I know what I’m here for
I know what I’m here for
I know what I’m here for

Daydreamin and I’m thinking of…

April 24, 2008

…selling everything I own to go travel the world for a year(or more)!

Yup! I’m serious! I don’t like working, it’s boring. And I’m 26! which is like 30! And if I don’t go and travel and see “stuff” I’m going to regret it when I’m like whatever age and married with some anklebiters! I don’t want to look back and be like, “man, I shoulda done xyz…”

One of my neighbors I grew up with just got back from travelling the world for 3+ years on this AWESOME surf adventure! Check his blog here —-> Rahim’s 5 yr Surf Adventure seriously, check out all the pictures and what not. He wrote a book, got to meet some of the greatest and top surfers in the WORLD while on his travels!

This antsy feeling I have to just go came out of nowhere, but I am going to act on it one way or another. I’ve got to GO! GO and just GO!

I want to travel to all the undiscovered beaches or something in South America; live in a hut with no technology…well, maybe I’d bring my laptop and hopefully like 60 miles away there would be some big resort I could go and bum a signal off of to get in contact with my mom or something. Other than that, I just want to snorkel in some pretty water, relax on hardly populated beaches and

I would also like to back pack, but not through Europe. I have this fascination with South America, I don’t know why. I think that would be AMAZING! Travel through the Rain Forest! What a rush! Go to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro! Maybe live in Sao Paolo for a while. Whatever, I just need to go!

I thought about becoming a missionary so that I could spread God’s word and travel too, then I realized it was for selfish reasons–just to travel.  However, if God does call me to be a missionary, I’d go to wherever I’m supposed to go. I’d like to go to Africa too. I get these weekly mailings about the Sudan and the missionaries there and the wonderful affect they are having. Also, my church has a partner church in Ghana where the missionaries go – I’d love to be part of that missions team. Better pray about this some more.

Either way. I know 2009 I will not be living in the United States of America! Whether it be because I actually did sell everything and went backpacking/exploring/etc or I’m called to be a missionary, I just know in my heart I won’t be stateside come January 1, 2009.

The feeling is way too strong for me to ignore it! And I’ve had this overpowering urge to spend as much time with my family as possible. (My mom and little 10 yr old brother live 15 min. from me, I see them like 4 times a week!) I’m always going to visit my grandmother and this weekend I’m going to see my other little 19 y.o. brother at VCU in Richmond.

There is something to be said about giving up the worldly things –they aren’t ours anyways– and plus, they are just things! THINGS! I sold a bunch of stuff I thought I just HAD to have and you know what, ha! I don’t even miss them! items consisted of: high priced jewelry, designer purses, shoes etc. I don’t know. I feel like I am on this earth to do SOMETHING other than what I am doing now!

I am trying to live on purpose and once that purpose has been revealed to me…I’m gone!

Ciao! and thanks for listening!



Tag! I’m it!

April 23, 2008

The rules are as follows:

* link to the person that tagged you: Charles
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*1*I am SO over Corporate America so I’m literally phasing myself out of it! I hate C.A – it’s lame and has nothing for me

*2*I recently cut some “friends” out of my life and I think it’s one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made! Can’t stand fake people, ugh! Nor can I stand people who are supposed to be your friend then can’t live up to their end of the friendship, touché. That’s what I do though, if I’m over you, friend or lover, you get no warning, you are just cut off until you try and email me or call me and can’t because your emails are no longer able to get through…or I changed my number 🙂 childish? not even, if I’m done with you, I’m done, so all modes of communication are shut off.

*3*I am so focused right now on this “project” that I am working on! So instead of wasting a whole day at work NOT working, I’m working on my project AT work! Gotta love it!! Once this comes to fruition, I will gladly share details, but until then, only my mom knows what I’m doing

*4*Truth be told, I’m nervous about getting my tattoo on Saturday. Piercings never bothered me, I’ve had 7 – they are all out now. My last tattoo I got the day I turned 18 and it’s on my back and only took like 12 minutes – I was too chicken to get it colored in so it still remains not filled in, but it’s still nice. The only reason I’m nervous is because I’m getting it on my wrist and when my friend got hers she had tears in her eyes lol! I laughed then, but I’m not looking forward to the pain…blah!

*5*Sometimes I really miss him, but I so know it was for the best! I caught myself wondering “what if?” and I quickly brushed all that aside because my life is SO much better now!

*6*I also thought I was ready to date again, but the bammas I’ve come in contact with have made me change my mind to continue on my path of “me time” – which BTW I am most certainly enjoying!

*Bonus* My walk with Christ is getting stronger each and every day! The events that took place September of 2007 changed me for the best and now I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for me and how He will use me!!

**One of my favorite songs off of CeCe Winan’s new CD!**

Forever I’ll lift my voice

Forever Lord I’ll rejoice

Forever I’ll sing my heart out to You

I’ll offer all I have

And I want more to give

Forever my life is Yours to use

I am tagging my homie Sonya, Rural Glamour, Style Chile, *ray, Quarter Life Mocha Girl& BGI


High Heels and Shiny stuff

April 22, 2008
Shiny things and High Heels that make me happy!

After a stupid day at court, I need to revive myself with something that just makes me giddy! Shiny things and high heels!!! That’s really all this list is about 🙂

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April 22, 2008

This is how I feel right about now! I just left court and the judge and cops are full of BITCHASSNESS!!!  Anyways! I’m over it! I just know that this is THE last ticket I’m EVER getting in FAIRFAX COUNTY VIRGINIA!!! Hell no am I paying anymore money so that court house can get even BIGGER with more and more rooms and shyt! HELL NO!!! I swear I’ve financed a whole wing of that place, LOL!!! Lying cops suck and judges who make snap remarks about the points on my license suck even harder!

——————————-END RANT—————————————–

Thanks for listening…that is all!

That is it!!!

April 16, 2008

900 1200 calorie diet starts today! And will end…no time in the forseeable future! Dammit! Being sick has kept me out of the gym for 9 days!!! NINE days!!!!! At first I had no appetite, so it was fine and I looked bangin in my skinny jeans Friday…THEN this morning I’m like wtf! What is going on here! I change up medicines, eat breakfast(organic oatmeal) and lunch(ginormous salad with legumes and tuna, NO dressing!) and all of a sudden things change! I’m SOOO annoyed!

I am going back to the gym tomorrow whether my body likes it or not! I can’t live like this, what with 6 weeks until the pools open! I was doing SO good until I got sick! Damn germy people! Damn allergies! UGH! I feel crazy! Time is FLYING by me and my check marks on my calendar for gym time have become too few and far in between! I will start back on my two-a-days tomorrow and PRAY I don’t pass out!

Swimming every morning for an hour, lift weights after running or walking in the afternoon and if I feel up to it, take a spinning or kick boxing class or two! Damn! I have SO much to catch up on! I could float away with all the water I’ve been drinking! I don’t care though, whatever it takes! Gotta be fabulous, fit and fly!


Scarf Trends

April 15, 2008
Spring/Summer Scarves

I personally, live in my pashminas and wraps all year round – it gets cold in the office! And they are such a chic accessory to have if you get a bit chilled in the Spring/Summer months. Now scarves are being made in all types of fun, intricate or even simple prints and patterns, lightweight too – to wear throughout the year. Here are some Spring/Summer scarf suggestions to keep you stylish and chic!

Unless you live under some sort of rock, the printed and fringed scarf trend may have bypassed you, but for those of us who have been rocking scarves for the past couple of years now can get our hands on some really neat and interesting prints since the trend is catching on!

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Shopping @ Intermix

April 15, 2008
Shopping Spree @ Intermix

If I were to win a shopping spree at Intermix there would be NOTHING I would leave behind! I often steer clear of this store when shopping in Georgetown because I know I’d just get my feelings hurt, lol! However, if money was no object, here are some items I wouldn’t leave without!

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