My Other Blog

Today God is First – I get these emails daily that I read and sometimes don’t. However each time I read them, it’s like that particular email was written for me. So I decided to share over on my new blog. Plus, with Blogger I get to have a playlist so I put up some of my favorite gospel songs.  Anyways, check it out, be inspired, listen to the music. 🙂


3 Responses to “My Other Blog”

  1. theBULLY Says:

    What up, B?

    What was your major at State? I knew a few lively folks over at the B-school.

    Where did you live. There is noooooo way that we both went to state and don’t know some of the same people.

  2. Southern_Lady Says:

    Great blog and playlist, too! The girls at church dance to Hosanna and it just gets me everytime!

  3. -1- Says:

    1st time here

    purple is my favorite color

    lavender, to be specific

    so, u must be good people by association

    i can dig gospel

    good for the soul


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