Sneaker Chic(k)


Saw these flyyyyyyyyyyy Nike skate board kicks over at High Snobiety

I definitely need these, so cute…yes, I described a skate board shoe as cute! I love the colors! I need them for my casual days where that ONE piece will make you stand out even if you are just wearing a t shirt and jeans.


7 Responses to “Sneaker Chic(k)”

  1. Autumn Says:


  2. Eb Says:

    I like these… not really big on the colored sneakers but these are hot

  3. Ray Says:

    very very dope.

  4. cate Says:

    oh my god!!! this shoes are ….wow!!!!
    the colours…perfeckt!!!!
    I can´t find them anywhere… can you give me link where you can buy them in internet?????? pleas!!!!!!!

  5. cate Says:

    do you know the correct name of this shoes???

  6. liz Says:

    where can you buy these?

  7. *B* Fab Says:

    @ liz & cate – I went to the Nike skate website and clicked on the shoes to see where they were carried in my state, VA. Only problem was they don’t make them for women and the smallest size they had in men’s was a 7 😦 this was last year when I tried so maybe you two will have more luck!

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