– I’m sick; allergies or something dumb! I hate it! I went the WHOLE cold season without so much as a sniffle and bam! I get hit with stinky allergies, or whatever!

– I’ve been having the most VIVID dreams this week due to the concoction of medications I’ve been taking to rid my body of this, this cold or allergies or whatever it is!

– I’m still going to Happy Hour! It’s SO pretty out! I’m not sitting at home and I feel like 85% better!

– Bible study was intense last night, as per usual. I love my Singles Bible study!

– I am in the process of “getting my house” in order for the amazing blessing that God has in store for me! My mom told me something last week that I have been sharing with my friends because it speaks VOLUMES  – “All these doors are shutting because a wall is about to come down.” – yup! I believe it! God’s got GREAT things in store for me and I’m not going to do anything to hem that up!

– I am REALLY excited about this BIG thing that I am working on! I will share later, but I am SO excited! Can’t wait to see it through to completion!

– I look REALLY good today in my skinny jeans despite not having been to the gym but once this week, LOL! Guess being sick has it’s upsides, HAHAHAHA

– I went through a whole carton of orange juice the other day for an overdose of Vitamin C! I will never drink OJ again lol!

– My shopping and spending have severly changed – for the better. It’s amazing what I find in my closet that I had NO idea I had haha! It’s new to me!

– I’m addicted to mangos! I used to only get them at the Caribbean Carnival in the summer, but they are SOOOOO good! Mangos and strawberries – yum!

– There are so many thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head so a bulleted post is all I could come up with.

– I’m off to read you all’s wonderful blogs! Thanks for keeping me entertained and well read during the day b/c goodness knows my job is a BORE!!!

– Have a fantastic weekend! I plan on meeting up with a few friends I haven’t seen in a minute and giving some QT to this project I’m working on!




2 Responses to “So…”

  1. Eb Says:

    Love the purple lips… you know purp is my color too…lol

    Nothing better than a hapy hour to make an illness go away so I totally feel you on that.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. Ray Says:

    1…I LOVE when you point out how hot you look in your skinny jeans. FAB.

    2…Medicine dreams, aka temporary insanity, is very scary.

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