That is it!!!

900 1200 calorie diet starts today! And will end…no time in the forseeable future! Dammit! Being sick has kept me out of the gym for 9 days!!! NINE days!!!!! At first I had no appetite, so it was fine and I looked bangin in my skinny jeans Friday…THEN this morning I’m like wtf! What is going on here! I change up medicines, eat breakfast(organic oatmeal) and lunch(ginormous salad with legumes and tuna, NO dressing!) and all of a sudden things change! I’m SOOO annoyed!

I am going back to the gym tomorrow whether my body likes it or not! I can’t live like this, what with 6 weeks until the pools open! I was doing SO good until I got sick! Damn germy people! Damn allergies! UGH! I feel crazy! Time is FLYING by me and my check marks on my calendar for gym time have become too few and far in between! I will start back on my two-a-days tomorrow and PRAY I don’t pass out!

Swimming every morning for an hour, lift weights after running or walking in the afternoon and if I feel up to it, take a spinning or kick boxing class or two! Damn! I have SO much to catch up on! I could float away with all the water I’ve been drinking! I don’t care though, whatever it takes! Gotta be fabulous, fit and fly!



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4 Responses to “That is it!!!”

  1. Bobbi Says:

    Message to Spinning Bloggers
    My name is Bobbi and I’m working on the Spinning Nation event. I won’t bore you with too many details here, but it’s the first nationwide Spinning fundraising event ever and we have a very small staff putting it together. If you like the idea after you take a look at what we’re doing and wouldn’t mind mentioning us in your blog, it would help a lot. Maybe you’ll even sign up at a club near you. If not, I understand. Blogs are a very personal thing and I’d never ask if it weren’t all for good causes. Thanks, you can always reach me at The website is

    Best Regards,


  2. the narcist Says:

    Good luck with that B. I tried to cut back to a mere 1600 calories after seeing the biggest loser finale and I swear I am ALWAYS hungry. It makes me wonder how many calories I was consuming before!

  3. *B* fab Says:

    @ the narcist – actually it’s going pretty great! I did this before where I did 1200, then 1400 then 1600 and by the time I got to 1600 i was like, damn this is a lot of food! But so far so good!! 🙂

  4. Ray Says:

    hard work in the gym pays off girl. i admore you for taking the spinning class. i did it once and felt like i was gonna die! isnt it super hard?? i know its good for the whole body and all…but dang!

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