This is how I feel right about now! I just left court and the judge and cops are full of BITCHASSNESS!!!  Anyways! I’m over it! I just know that this is THE last ticket I’m EVER getting in FAIRFAX COUNTY VIRGINIA!!! Hell no am I paying anymore money so that court house can get even BIGGER with more and more rooms and shyt! HELL NO!!! I swear I’ve financed a whole wing of that place, LOL!!! Lying cops suck and judges who make snap remarks about the points on my license suck even harder!

——————————-END RANT—————————————–

Thanks for listening…that is all!


One Response to “MAN!”

  1. Ray Says:

    I had a parking ticket and was summonsed to appear at 4pm in city court. JUdge was maaaaaddd cranky by that time…so wen he asked “why has it been 3 months and still no payment?” my response was, “You Honor, Im a single mother in school and I dont have any money.”
    Big Fat Lie came right out my mouth.
    It worked. He reduced it to $24 and I was out.
    true story.
    Next time B—say you have kids!!!!! Kids ALWAYS get you out of everything!!!!! Why do you think people with kids get so happy around tax time??? Its like the lottery for them!

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