Daydreamin and I’m thinking of…

…selling everything I own to go travel the world for a year(or more)!

Yup! I’m serious! I don’t like working, it’s boring. And I’m 26! which is like 30! And if I don’t go and travel and see “stuff” I’m going to regret it when I’m like whatever age and married with some anklebiters! I don’t want to look back and be like, “man, I shoulda done xyz…”

One of my neighbors I grew up with just got back from travelling the world for 3+ years on this AWESOME surf adventure! Check his blog here —-> Rahim’s 5 yr Surf Adventure seriously, check out all the pictures and what not. He wrote a book, got to meet some of the greatest and top surfers in the WORLD while on his travels!

This antsy feeling I have to just go came out of nowhere, but I am going to act on it one way or another. I’ve got to GO! GO and just GO!

I want to travel to all the undiscovered beaches or something in South America; live in a hut with no technology…well, maybe I’d bring my laptop and hopefully like 60 miles away there would be some big resort I could go and bum a signal off of to get in contact with my mom or something. Other than that, I just want to snorkel in some pretty water, relax on hardly populated beaches and

I would also like to back pack, but not through Europe. I have this fascination with South America, I don’t know why. I think that would be AMAZING! Travel through the Rain Forest! What a rush! Go to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro! Maybe live in Sao Paolo for a while. Whatever, I just need to go!

I thought about becoming a missionary so that I could spread God’s word and travel too, then I realized it was for selfish reasons–just to travel.  However, if God does call me to be a missionary, I’d go to wherever I’m supposed to go. I’d like to go to Africa too. I get these weekly mailings about the Sudan and the missionaries there and the wonderful affect they are having. Also, my church has a partner church in Ghana where the missionaries go – I’d love to be part of that missions team. Better pray about this some more.

Either way. I know 2009 I will not be living in the United States of America! Whether it be because I actually did sell everything and went backpacking/exploring/etc or I’m called to be a missionary, I just know in my heart I won’t be stateside come January 1, 2009.

The feeling is way too strong for me to ignore it! And I’ve had this overpowering urge to spend as much time with my family as possible. (My mom and little 10 yr old brother live 15 min. from me, I see them like 4 times a week!) I’m always going to visit my grandmother and this weekend I’m going to see my other little 19 y.o. brother at VCU in Richmond.

There is something to be said about giving up the worldly things –they aren’t ours anyways– and plus, they are just things! THINGS! I sold a bunch of stuff I thought I just HAD to have and you know what, ha! I don’t even miss them! items consisted of: high priced jewelry, designer purses, shoes etc. I don’t know. I feel like I am on this earth to do SOMETHING other than what I am doing now!

I am trying to live on purpose and once that purpose has been revealed to me…I’m gone!

Ciao! and thanks for listening!





4 Responses to “Daydreamin and I’m thinking of…”

  1. Eb Says:

    All good stuff…

    I definitely feel the same way you do… I try to go on a trip out of the country every year. I am fortunate because I dont have any children like most of my friends who dont have the luxury to do those types of things whenever they want… So do it girl… go on those trips and have a grand ol’ time.

    I’m mad that you said being 26 is just like 30 though…lol

  2. *B* Fab Says:

    @ EB -Isn’t it nice to be able to just go and travel! Yes you are very fortunate and I count my blessings that I too have been able to take some fun and exotic vacations out of the country, but I need more!

    Trust me, this feeling and urge is way too strong to ignore, so I’m just trying to get ready to GO!

    oh and well yeah, 26, to me is just getting old like 30 is knowcking on my door! lol! I know it really isn’t but it just feels that way if I were to choose to stay stagnant!

  3. kia Says:

    hi! I SAY GO GO GO GO GO!!! i love it! i traveled the world (didn’t stop every place of course) and i’m so fortunate that i pinch myself all the time to remind me it was real!! now that i have a son, i look forward to traveling and backpacking with him. kids notice subtle beauty that we sometimes don’t stop to appreciate. i was inspired by a husband and wife that traveled worldwide.. during the course of raising a family with 6 kids… they slowed down a little when they got to 8 but! how amazing! kids may slow you down but they won’t stop the desire and will to travel (ehem i’ll keep it real about funds) but i, like you, can appreciate the 3rd world settings and see the heart of life.. not all the bells and whistles for $$$$.

  4. Ray Says:

    LOL at bumming a signal from some resort.
    Girl I swear I wanna go with you!!! Your plan sounds so nice–I really really hope you do it! Im inspired just reading this!!!
    On my flight back home last week, I felt like moving to Rome and becoming a bartender. Yes–far cry from missionary, right? But thats only because im a night owl and ive always wanted to be a scantily clad bartender. Anyway…I hope both of us act on our dreams and make them reality!!
    Im so excited for you B!!!

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