New Tat

Got it Saturday while visiting my lil brother down at VCU. He had his friend draw it out and now me and him have it — his is WAY bigger and is on his tricep, his huge body building tricep lol!; my other brother, 23, will be getting his in a couple of months.  Ofcourse my little 10 y.o. brother can’t get it lol!

This is my second tattoo, but the first one I got when I was 18 so that was 8 yrs ago! *shock* *gasp* I am getting OLD!!! Anyways, I thought it was going to hurt just a bit because my friend got hers on her wrist and she had tears in her eyes. But as he was doing it, it def didn’t hurt and i was contemplating what my NEXT one will be! I’ve already sketched a couple things I want so I’m sure I will be on #3 in a matter of weeks LOL!


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10 Responses to “New Tat”

  1. Charles Says:

    You were in VA and didn’t say hi to a brutha??? Nah its good…I like your tat. I’m definitely getting mine whenever I can finally get to finishing what I want it to look like.

  2. *B* Fab Says:

    @ Charles – I LIVE in VA lol! NoVa though, so I had to drive down ridiculous 95 to Richmond! ugh!!!!! – people drive like suckers on 95!

    Yeah, take your time drawing it out because, well, it’ll be there FOREVER lol!!!

  3. Jamie Says:

    I like! I want some on my wrist or forearm relating to my kids but I’m scared of that pain.

  4. *B* Fab Says:

    @ Jamie – Thanks! Chile, it SO doesn’t hurt! You got babies; I’m sure that hurts worse 😉 Just go get it lol! I’m ready for my third one!

  5. Eb Says:

    Super cute… dont you just love sibling tatts… me and my sis got the same thing christmas 2006

  6. *B* Fab Says:

    @ Eb – Gracias chica!! I do! It’s meaningful and all that jazz lol!

  7. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    That’s a cute tattoo! I’m ready for my next one too.

  8. Jamie Says:

    you right… those babies hurt. lol! I should not be afraid nan pain!

  9. Ray Says:

    body marked up B!!!
    do we have a kat von d in our future???????

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