I have to share!!

I just woke up from one of my most vivid dreams EVER!!! We all know while on cold/flu/allergy medication, dreams can be weird, and down right scary! Well mine went like this:

I was in some wharehouse type setting with a bunch of people I knew, young and old. There was this huge movie screen or something showing off the latest gadgets…stay with me. Anyways, one was this crazy robot, scary, life size thing that went around destoying the world. Well, a few of us nervously looked around at each other like, ummmm that’s not cool. No kid, NO adult needs to play that game. So then the next presentation was up but something weird happened.

This is where things got real crazy!

So the video screen or whatevr that was there vanished and there was all this commotion outside and it got real dark, real eerie. All of a sudden I felt this strange presence; not a welcome one either. A VERY uncomfortable feeling.

Again, there is all this weird commotion and people start getting scared as we hear loud “footsteps” coming towards us! Most of the people run but quite a few stand there, in shock and awe, like myself. One by one, the people around me start, i don’t know, fidgeting and acting weird, possessed almost. Their eyes got wild, their mouths open in fear, it WAS CREEPY! Still I couldn’t move! Finally it got it one of my friends standing next to me and I watched up close as this, this thing overtook her body! IT WAS SCARY! Again I just stood there…STAY WITH ME

SO then all of a sudden it gets quiet. I guess this thing is ready for me. All of a sudden, and thi sis where I started to feel pinned to my bed, helpless, unable to move, and it was the DEVIL!

He asked me why am I not scared. I told him I’m a child of God and God will never leave me nor forsake me! He laughed. I continued. I shouted at him Psalm 23. He continued laughing. I started singing my priase songs, whatevre came to me, mostly Cece Winans as that is the only cd I’ve been listening to lately.

So he stood there, while all the others were overtaken by the devil. I stood there, on the Word of God, shouting Bible verses, that I didn’t even realize were in my heart and singing praise songs!!! WOW!!! It was an awesome feeling. And don’t you know, that old devil just up and walked away! Hallelujia! You can’t mess with a child of God! No way, no sir!

SO I HAD to share this story! It was an amazing feeling! I woke up with a jump. I was shaking, I still am, that dream was no joke. I also woke up singing one of Cece’s Songs, I will find the lyrics and post when I get to work. WOW!!! is all I can say!

The devil is always going to tempt, test and try you, but if you just stand your ground and stand on the Word, whew chile! You will BE ALRIGHT!!!

I don’t know what you are going through or have been through, but know you aren’t going through it alone!!! Know that God has a purpose for you and He is USING you!! Your tough or rough situations are not only for you to learn from but for you to LIVE through them and press on so that when you encounter someone along life who is going through it, you can share your blessing with them!!!

I leave you with one of the verses that will get me through tough times always:

Job 2:10
“Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?”

Gotta get ready for work! Loves!!!



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3 Responses to “I have to share!!”

  1. Krystal Speed Says:

    Wow, what a testament to the power that we have (but sometimes abdicate) as children of God. An awesome glimpse into the spiritual warfare that we wage daily. Reminds me of an important point that I got this week in bible study. “So then faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:7. In this case “word” refers to hearing the voice and sensing the spirit by which the words are spoken (Spirt Led Faith, http://www.seekgod.org/message/spiritledfaith.html). Anyways, a point that was being made is that we constantly need to feed our spirit the word of God (hearing being a continuous process vs. heard something that has already occured) so that when doubt, uncertainty, weariness creep in (tools that allow Satan to gain ground in our life) we can stand on the word and promises of God and use those words, spoken to us through the word, as our weapons- as your dream beautifully points out. This is much easier for me to say than do. As a matter of fact someone just this week had to remind me that I am a woman of faith and that I can take comfort in knowing that I don’t know everything that will happen to me but I know that I will be kept. So thanks for sharing a spiritual experience which definitely have implications for our daily lives.

  2. Miss Sonya Says:

    Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! This is so powerful! It is amazing how much you are growing in the Lord. I am so happy to be a part of it!

  3. Nia Says:

    Whew! What a dream! I have had dreams like that before and woke up and put my bible on the pillow next to me! Faith is the most powrful weapon we have!

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