Big things, therefore, HIATUS

I have a HUGE deadline coming up for this project that I’m working on! I’m so excited about it! Anyways, in lieu of said deadline, I’ve got to be on full-time grind mode! I shall be back once my project has reached completion! I can’t wait!!!

When I get back, I will post pics and stories of Gold Cup 2008! And I AM ULTRA EXCITED about GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR this Saturday!!! YAY!!! I’ve got my outfit!!!




4 Responses to “Big things, therefore, HIATUS”

  1. Autumn Says:

    Do your thing Mama!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Okay…Good luck on the project!! But I got to tell you that Ifound the Sally Hansen Tracy Reese Collection and got the Arabian Nights Collection! 🙂 See you when you come back from Hiatus.

    *Searingly jealous of tickets to that damn Glow In The Dark Tour!!*

  3. Eb Says:

    Do ya thang chica… the blog world will be here

  4. The Narcist Says:

    You’re going to glow in the dark? ME TOO! I’ll be the girl in the red skinny jeans trying to hop on stage and molest lupe fiasco. Maybe you’ll see me=)

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