My God is a Good God!

He is SO AMAZING! Without Him I don’t want to even THINK about where I’d be! Yo! My life, man, my life has forever been changed since September 2007 and I will NOT look back! I love my God! He is my strength, my strong tower! I hold, CLING to His unchanging hand! Lord I give you the utmost praise and SHOUT HALLELUJIA!!!!!!

I am overwhelmed with goodness and God’s grace right now! My God has blessed me! And He keeps blessing me! My life is His to use, FOREVER! I will live my life for Christ; it’s the only way to live.

I thank my heavenly Father for breaking me and bringing me to my knees to give Him praise! I have been broken and am being built up into a wonderful Christian woman that God wants me to be!

Gone are the things I used to say, things I used to do! My God is good! My God brought me through! When I had NO money to pay rent, God had me covered! Oh, the Lord is good to me! Better than I’ve ever been to myself!

I am overjoyed with the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me! Forever will I praise Him!

 Go to my site, Today God is First for an awesome, inspiring and uplifting Praise playlist


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5 Responses to “My God is a Good God!”

  1. charles Says:

    I totally feel you on this. Ain’t it uplifting?? Whatever it is that has happened to you, I’m glad that it has. I’ll defiinitely check out your other site too…

  2. *B* Fab Says:

    Hey Charles! Oh I’ve been on this amazing high all day from the goodness and God’s glory! 🙂 I too am glad for my circumstances otherwise I wouldn’t have been brought to my Jesus!

  3. Kristin Says:

    Great post, reading your previous post I know your family lives near me. Can you please recommend a church for me to visit? I’m actually new to the area and about to pull my hair out because 90% of the churches I’ve visited, messages were “surface level”, coming from the South I need a little more conviction. I really want a church that’s active in the community and has programs for kids (lil cousins). Thanks!!!

  4. *B* Fab Says:

    Hi Kristin! I sent you an email!

  5. aura Says:

    ciao,il tuo blog è molto bello e speciale

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