I’m sooooooooooo excited!!!!!

Guess where I’m going to do it up fabulous!



😀 I can’t damn WAIT to get there!!! I’m meeting my friend in Montego Bay on Sunday at her parent’s newly built home! 🙂 I am beyond thrilled!!! I need some sun, sand and Caribbean Sea!!!! All I’m going to do is frolick in the water, lay out, tan and relax!!! Sunday can’t get here fast enough!!



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5 Responses to “I’m sooooooooooo excited!!!!!”

  1. K-Swiss Says:

    Let me guess…JAMAICA!

  2. Eb Says:

    Have a fabolous vacay and takes lots of pics!

  3. Black Girl Interrupted Says:

    Congrats on the vacay girl, ejoy yourself!

  4. Ray Says:

    so how was it?!??!!?!!?!?!? when are u posting pics??? SOON i hope!

  5. eye4style Says:

    Holy crap. I need to be there RIGHT NOW.

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