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Inked up; tat #3

July 20, 2008

Got it Friday at The Body Gallery in Sterling, VA.  Felt like it took forever, like a little over an hour. – shout out to Krystal for staying there and talking with me the WHOLE time! took my mind off it.  I highly recommend this place! So clean and super professional! I will be back! (no time soon though!)


My New Favorite Song, Remixed!

July 17, 2008

Jason Champion – Always!

Let me tell you something, don’t you worry about a thing tonight

I promise you that everything is going to be alright

Hold your head up high, look up to the sky


He’s everything that you’ll ever need (alright)

Just when you think it ain’t, it’s gonna be (alright)

Just call His name and you’ll see what I mean (alright)

Because He loves you UNCONDITIONALLY!

Forever, He loves you always, don’t worry, He’ll be there ALWAYS

And just because you had yourself a couple bad days, don’t mean it’s gonna be this way ALWAYS

Forever, Forever

No matter what you’re going through

And when you don’t know what to do

Don’t turn and run away, FALL ON YOUR KNEES AND PRAY


He loves you always, don’t worry, He’ll be there ALWAYS

And just because you had yourself a couple bad days, don’t mean it’s gonna be this way ALWAYS

Middle of July? Seriously?!

July 15, 2008

Yet again another month, flying past me! WHAT is going on here?! Ever since May, these months have been flying past, no BEYOND me! I can’t catch up! It’s unnerving, just a little…no ALOT!!! Once the middle of the month hits, panic sets in, becuase the whole first half of the month has gone by and I haven’t done what I needed to do! I just feel a little insane! When will it slow down? LOL!!!

Things have been mad crazy since May and I don’t see things slowing down ANY time soon! … great! What should I do? Just jump on and ride this out? I just am baffled as to where time has gone…3 months..7 months! I mean dag! I’m about to be 27 next month! W O W!!!!

Some people would like if it time flew past them, but not me! I feel like so much is going on at once and I just can’t grasp anything and hold it still lol! Life is moving at the speed of light, whether I want it to or not! Yikes! *small panic attack*

I really thought time was passing me by because I was filling my time with senseless shyt; too many distractions from keeping me focused! Well, I removed all said distractions, yet I STILL am trying to cram an extra 8 hours into a day! wow! I don’t know, am I the only one feeling like life is whizzing past???


July 11, 2008

LOL! Seriously! Best way to end this week! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s go to sleep in Paris…

July 8, 2008

…And wake up in Tokyo, have a dream in New Orleans, Fall in LOVE in Chicago…

We can land in the Mortherland, Camelback across the desert sand, take a train to Rome, or home, Brazil…Wherever I go HE goes…

I’ll be there…by your side…in your heart…on your mind…

Getting Excited!!! Vogue Italia 2008

July 8, 2008

Feast your eyes upon the video! Ooooh! I can’t WAIT till this issue arrives in the states!!!!! A whole issue of Vogue dedicate to the Fabulous brown girls-about-the-runway!! I want to get all four covers!!!

Yup, lesson learned

July 4, 2008

What is it that you are looking for? What IS it that you are expecting? What exactly causes you to run to DC in short dresses and high heels? What you hope for…It’s just a mirage…it doesn’t really exist. You are a different person, so what once used to excite you and allowed you to have a great time out no longer exists! There is nothing, NOTHING out there for you!


Tonight, and really I’m not annoyed it just kind of solidified what I already knew. Seriously, and yeah I know I said it just in May, but I’m so done! my party days…over! I am unsubscribing from all texts, emails and Facebook groups which promote parties! There is no need for them anymore, I’m so over it all! Its really just not for me anymore.

I guess I just had to go out a couple more times for it to really hit home. And tonight it did. So now I need a hobby, LOL! I just recently got back into making my fashion look books and my Fall 2008 one is coming along quite well!

I really missed doing my look books! I missed spending a quiet Saturday afternoon flipping through the pages of Vogue, W, Harpers Baazar, Elle, Vanity Fair etc and pulling pieces and looks together for inspiration for later. That, that right there is PURE happiness!

Know what else makes me happy, SLURPEES! and Whatchamacallit’s!!! you remember those? man, I get one sometimes when I get my Slurpees b/c 7-11 is the only place that has them lol!

Man, I’m tired of typing via my phone so I’m out!

You all have a fantastic 4th of July! be safe!




July 1, 2008

I wanted to write about my weekend and how AMAZING it was. I wanted to write about how I ran into a CERTAIN someone this weekend and when he picked me up and gave me the most amazing hug and kiss ever, the whole world CEASED to exist. I wanted to write to let you know what is going on in my LIFE. I wanted to write to tell you how good GOD is and how He is WORKING in my LIFE. I wanted to write to tell you how my MOTIVATION was at an all time high, but now I can’t find it to save my LIFE! I wanted to write to tell you that TENACITY, DETERMINATION and PRAYER will get you wherever you want to BE. I wanted to write to tell you how I dyed my HAIR so BLONDE! I wanted to write and tell you how I have had to LET go and LET God so much and LEAN and TRUST in Him; it’s the ONLY thing that keeps me GOING. I wanted to write because my LIFE is about to CHANGE due to some TOUGH decisions I am having to make.  I wanted to write to tell you that through FAITH, I have been able to do it! I wanted to write to tell myself that I WILL NOT give UP! That I WILL do what I WANT! That I CAN do what I WANT! That my goals/dreams will be attained! All in God’s time. I wanted to write, well, because I haven’t in like 14 days, on this blog at least.

Ciao, Ciao