Let’s go to sleep in Paris…

…And wake up in Tokyo, have a dream in New Orleans, Fall in LOVE in Chicago…

We can land in the Mortherland, Camelback across the desert sand, take a train to Rome, or home, Brazil…Wherever I go HE goes…

I’ll be there…by your side…in your heart…on your mind…


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2 Responses to “Let’s go to sleep in Paris…”

  1. Raven Says:

    guess who’s back?!?!?!?!! hahahahhaa. and im here to stay girl, promise.
    ok–first of all….i will fight you over rights to lupe. bianca, please please let me have him. i need this petite lil man in my life. i LOOOVE Mista Fiasco more than life itself!!!
    the video is pretty cute, too.

  2. Raven Says:

    uh oh–gave you the wrong link to my bloggy blog

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