Middle of July? Seriously?!

Yet again another month, flying past me! WHAT is going on here?! Ever since May, these months have been flying past, no BEYOND me! I can’t catch up! It’s unnerving, just a little…no ALOT!!! Once the middle of the month hits, panic sets in, becuase the whole first half of the month has gone by and I haven’t done what I needed to do! I just feel a little insane! When will it slow down? LOL!!!

Things have been mad crazy since May and I don’t see things slowing down ANY time soon! … great! What should I do? Just jump on and ride this out? I just am baffled as to where time has gone…3 months..7 months! I mean dag! I’m about to be 27 next month! W O W!!!!

Some people would like if it time flew past them, but not me! I feel like so much is going on at once and I just can’t grasp anything and hold it still lol! Life is moving at the speed of light, whether I want it to or not! Yikes! *small panic attack*

I really thought time was passing me by because I was filling my time with senseless shyt; too many distractions from keeping me focused! Well, I removed all said distractions, yet I STILL am trying to cram an extra 8 hours into a day! wow! I don’t know, am I the only one feeling like life is whizzing past???


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2 Responses to “Middle of July? Seriously?!”

  1. Raven Says:

    LOL. Time flies when your getting OLD, right? Tell me about it girl. I only have one year left until I hit the big 30. And trust me, Ill be denying every bit of that age.
    UGH! Why cant we rewind the clock and make it 1989 again?!!??!!?!

  2. Raven Says:

    p.s….you still look fabulous…and thats ALL that matters

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