Babies on the brain, birthday coming…

I just got home from spending a day with my extended family…all my cousins and all their kids! I took my 10 year old brother to our 4 year old cousin’s birthday party today at some bounce n play type place. The moment I walked in I was overcome by all the noise! LOL! The shreiking kids and laughing adults! It really was fun though…for the kids ha! All my cousins were there, which is ALWAYS nice! I never really get to see them often so I was super glad to see them all!

I also felt a wee bit out of place since they all have families, husbands, kids! On one hand, I’m like yahooo! I don’t have kids, on the other hand, as I’m fielding questions of when I’m going to reproduce, LOL!, I sorta really felt left out! Everyone had their cameras out taking pics of their kids having a ball, I took one or two of my little brother, haha!

And then I went to go see the newest, most precious addition to our family, my cousin’s new baby girl! Oh and she is THE most precious little baby EVER!!! She’s only a few days old but she really takes after his(our) side of the family! Such a tiny, precious baby girl! I’m glad she’s finally here so that I can spoil her!

But while over at my cousin’s house, my other female cousins and my aunts kept asking me about that “special someone” in my life and when am I going to settle down and get serious, yaddda yaddda yadda! Dang! I’m only 26 people! Sure I will be 27 in a week but goooodness! Give me a break! I felt so much pressure, SO MUCH PRESSURE!! My Aunt’s exact words, “This is the time, chile. You all are getting old” LOL oh wow! Thanks auntie!!

But really, for me to even consider, seriously, having a baby, LOL, first of all, I’d have to be in a loving, God-centered, secure, faithful marriage! Only and until then will babies ever play a serious role in my life lol! I like going to visit and hold other little ones but being able to give them back is a great feeling…although my dreams as of late would prove otherwise!

I keep having dreams about babies! This time around, it’s about twins…yikes!! TWINS! good gracious! But, yeah good thing those are just dreams and I’m going to try not to look too deep into my dreams, although in addition to the baby dreams, I’m also dreaming of exes and they are playing quite significant roles in these dreams…blah! What does it all mean, nothing, or everything lol! I’m going with nothing!

Anyways, I’m staring 27 in the face and I’m still trying to figure life out! ugh! BUT, I’m also enjoying life, so I’m not going to worry too much about pressures, from family members or myself, nor when/if/how I’m going to havin babies LOL!




4 Responses to “Babies on the brain, birthday coming…”

  1. Eb Says:

    my sentiments exactly… although I love my nephews to death… I cant even fathom having a child right now… and we are the same age… I definitely have to get my mind right, a husband and have fun with just him for a couple years before I start kicking out babies

  2. Autumn Says:

    You’re on my page diva. Societal pressure really heats up around 25 and beyond. It’s as if a woman’s worth is only weighed in babies and men. I hate it!! Men are bachelors if they ride it out, but us we just end up being “Old Maids”.


    Hang in there! Travel, Educate, Learn, Grow….They’ll come around when YOU’RE ready 🙂

  3. Eb Says:

    happy belated birthday… since by now its passed

  4. Kimistry Says:

    27? your’e lucky and still have time. I will be 40 on Nov 22 and there is not a prospect in sight!

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