I’m a red head now

-Hair is the EASIEST thing to change with the fastest results! – that’s why I dye my hair so much, I love to change, like the seasons.

-I really don’t blog to much anymore; such a shame. But, there is just TOO much going on to put it in little blog blurbs.

-My new favorite Fall nail polish color is Ink by OPI – it’s this super fab dark purple with plenty of fun shimmer and sparkles! love it!

-I haven’t been to church in like…3 weeks! yikes!

-I seriously have to figure out how to live on an island 6 months out of the year! This 30 degree weather up in VA is just not cutting it! – I hate being cold!!!

-You ever have SO many ideas running around in your head it’s hard to pin just one down and run with it?!?! ugh!

-TV really, REALLY sux! Watching TV online is way better than DVR…or maybe I’m just saying that since I don’t have my DVR anymore LOL!

-ummm, when did this year fly by so fast! Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! wooooooooow!

-50 cent’s show that is like Diddy’s show is way lame! WAY L A M E! – someone’s name on there is Cornbread?? *smh*

-Fake eyelashes are the best! they are super fun!

-Holidays kind of suck when not all of your family can be with you…

-My new favorite song is Just Dance by Lady Ga-Ga

-I’m starting a new adventure!

-I’ve got to figure out where I’m going to be on New Year’s – I most likely should be sitting in CHURCH! but I want to dress up all glam and stuff and dance around in a silly NYE crown in my fabulous, spectacular new shoes!!!!! (  they are 5.25 inch heels! yessssir! ) this pic does them NO justice, they look AmAzing on!

I spoiled myself and bought this watch…loveeeee it! It’s so *B*


-Looking forward to the weekend and chillin with the girlies! Seeing what kind of trouble we can get into 😉


Good niiiiiiiiight!!!


4 Responses to “I’m a red head now”

  1. princessdominique Says:

    I’ve stopped wearing watches but I looooooooooooooooooooove that one. It’s hot!

  2. just jasmine Says:

    Those Shoes are ____
    i’m just speechless. I love love love them

  3. Raven Says:

    you gotta recycle those shoes my way when your done with em. 🙂
    i need a tutorial on putting fake lashes on!

  4. *B* Fab Says:

    @ princessdominique – Hey girlie! Thanks! I haven:t worn a watch since 8/8/2007 -when I went to Cancun last year- lol so yeah, it was high time for a new, fabulous watch!

    @ Just jasmine – hey chick! Thanks for stopping by!!! I love these shoes so much! I come home from work and put them on and prance around in them…LOL!

    @ Raven – I will youtube a tutorial, but t will take like 80 takes hahahah! But I will get one up! And the shoes, they are yours once the magic wears off for me lol!

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