Vivid Dreams/Nightmares

Ok, first of all, I didn’t even eat anything before I went to bed so I really don’t understand why I had this crazy dream/nightmare!!!

…I’m on vacay somewhere, I believe Mexico in this super tall, all new all glass resort. We were getting ready to go on an excursion when I look out the window and see how mean and loud the water is getting! We are all the way on the 25th floor, but those waves were so close to the building, black and huge!!! What was tripping me out was that it was still so bright outside, no storm in sight! Anyways, I look out the other side of the room which is overlooking the city and people’s homes are being taken over by these massive waves!

All of a sudden there is this loud noise and an announcement that we have to all go up to the tip top floor because of the water.  Shortly after getting to the top floor, the water had come all the way up to where we were previously and was quickly getting close to the top!

We are all sitting together, scared, just watching the water rise all around us! Then, we are completely engulfed by the water. At first, nothing happens, then, everything goes dark and the building is flipped over and over and up into the air —I woke up with my heart beating so fast! anyways, not done  yet

As we are all holding on to one another and the couches, we see we are miles into the air and can see the water beneath us and islands. All of a sudden, we head straight down and I remember nothing except waking up in a strange place to shouts and commotion!

Once I come to, I hear sort of familiar Island accents, but I have no clue where I am! A nice lady comes over to me, gives me water and says “you’re next!” I’m still trying to figure out what the hell happened when I realize I am ok, in one piece and actually see my luggage…huh???

So I go up to the guy who is writing information down and give my name etc and ask where I am. He told me some Island close to Jamaica; ok, maybe that’s why I recognize the accents, but after that, everything they said was foreign to me!

So, I am in this dilapidated shop of sorts that has turned into a recovery place, so I was led to believe! umm no! I’m in some sort of 3rd world country jail! yeah, jail! why? I have no idea! I’m freaking out!

Finally, days later, they tell us we can go home.  At this point I remember, metal gates, mean prison wardens, a beach (yeah i dont know why) and lots of bad ass little kids trying to steal my stuff! oh, and the kicker…my ex boyfriend lol!

So, we are allowed to get our belongings and wash up to go and sit in some sort of immigration office where we are to be grilled to see if we can go home. Again, freaking out!

They call my ex boyfriend and he leaves right after! They call me and this is where it gets weird! They put me in some booth and ask me yes or no questions that make no sense! you only get three times to mess up and then, the booth will explode…seriously I ate nothing before I went to bed! lol

Anyways, as I am fumbling through these questions I see the lady getting some thing ready to make the booth explode and then that’s when I woke up!

ok, I had soup last night for dinner, normal tomato soup because it’s SO cold! I had that at like 8 PM! so, I don’t understand this CRAZY dream! blah! but I had to write it down, maybe it means something.


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3 Responses to “Vivid Dreams/Nightmares”

  1. Charles Says:

    Yeah…that dream does sound really crazy. I dunno, I’m no expert dream consultant or decipher-er, but umm…maybe you have something coming up where it seems like you’re going to be taking on too much to bear, hence the black waves. And people around you might be telling you how to overcome, but to you it seems like it doesn’t make any sense…hence the foreign language. The jail? don’t know about that one….



  2. Raven Says:

    i think Charles is a decipher-er because his interpretatioon was pretty good. 🙂
    weiiiird dream! and i wonder why your ex-boyfriend made an appearance? maybe….you subconsciously believe he’s out to drown you and he gathered up all his forces and caused the huge tsunami!!!!
    or…maybe someone slipped a psychadelic into that tomato soup.
    that was a scary ending though…only 3 chances and then you’re blasted!!! wow.

  3. *B* Fab Says:

    @ Charles – I like your thinking! I explained this to my brother and he thought it was super weird, creepy and scary lol! BUt yeah the dream still makes zero sense!

    @ Ray – yes, wasn’t it!!! ah! That three chances thing is freaking me out! I know one thing, I’m never having tomato soup for dinner ever again!!

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