A fiery plane crash? Seriously!?

OK! Yet another SCARY and crazy nightmare I had and woke up all types of discombobulated! I know I haven’t been getting much sleep lately due to working 14 hour days and dealing with ULTRA insane people! BUT these nightmares HAVE to stop! They are creeping me OUT!!!

Here we go…

So I am driving around DC, I believe 395, traffic is moving fine, it’s a bright, sunshiny day out and out of NO where this HUGE army plane, you know the ones big enough to carry another plane in it, comes barreling down out of the sky to my left where buildings are and crashes!!!! wth! I slam my brakes on because the road in front of me crumbled and cars are flying everywhere! They look like those little matchbox cars my brothers used to play with as kids!

I look up ahead, as the ground is still shaking and see another building on fire…what is going on! It is SO loud and so much is going on around me I don’t even realize my truck has been flipped over, upside down! So I crawl out and see other bewildered people running for their lives! I start walking then remember my purse and cellphone are in my truck. All I can think about is calling someone to let them know I’m ok!

So I shakily walk back to my overturned truck, crawl in and grab my purse and cell phone; of course the phone doesn’t work!

So I just wlk along the broken, shaky road for what seems like forever!! Then, and this is the weirdest part, I end up at my store I work in and all these people are in line just looking scared and asking me all types of questions…ummm??

All of a sudden, the lights go out and we look out of the store and there are these weird robot looking police officers riding around on some space age contraptions blaring orders out of their speakers. I have no idea what they are saying though and everyone looks at me for clarification!!!

I go to the door and they yell at me and tell me to go back in line – this for some reason I understood. Anyways, after a while all of the people clear out and the store turns into my closet, – uh what?! please don’t ask because I have NO idea!

Outside is pure chaos still, but inside my closet, everything is a-OK! I’ve got my friends, family, clothes, all I could ever want!

Then, I wake up.

Really, I’m over these dreams! I don’t know what they are supposed to be saying or why I am having them, but my subconscious is REALLY working over time!


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3 Responses to “A fiery plane crash? Seriously!?”

  1. lindadominique Says:

    Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving.

  2. Raven Says:

    wow. ok my not-so-scientific interpretation: all you really need in life is your family and your clothes. period.
    yea..your mind is working extra double-time!!! strrrrannnge! let me know if you have another nightime episode. these are getting weirder and more interesting by the moment!

  3. Mlle Mitchell Says:

    o wow that is scary. let me know if u ever find out what it means!

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