Dear God,

dear-god-its-me-again-1Hi, it’s me again, B, and I need your help! You said you wouldn’t put more on us than we can bear…this is a little bit too much for me!

Too many crazy things are going on yet I am to remain strong and faithful :-\ easier said than done. I know I should be leaning to you more than ever in this time, but I’m tired.

I’m tired of all the “stuff” going on in my life. I’m tired of things just not working out. I’m tired of feeling like this! – Sorry if I’m not allowed to feel this way, but I do.

I know You are there for me. Trust me I do, because I never would have made it thus far without You, but I need You more than EVER!

I am a pretty strong person due to all the things I’ve been through and You have brought me through, but this is wearing on me. I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, my mind is constantly running…I have no peace.

Peace – that is what I need. Peace and help. Can You help me out?

Thanks for all You do in my life and for my family. Right now, I need You to make a way.

Love your daughter, Bianca


One Response to “Dear God,”

  1. Eb Says:

    I think I need to write me a letter to God because I am starting to think I am getting a little overwhelmed myself.

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