“He’d be SO cute…

…if he wasn’t black!” – lol! hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha *gasping for air* bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha – by far, THE greatest thing I heard all night! Anyways, on to this post..

So, ummm can anyone tell me what is up with the SORRY state of manhood displayed by the black men in the DMV?! Seriously, is it too much to think that meeting an intelligent, no kid having, ambitious, doesn’t go out EVERY d*mn day!, fabulous (I could go ON…) young lady and appreciate it for what it is – a great conncetion, great, let’s see where we can take it from here, rather than trying EVERYTHING just to sleep with her!?!? really, that is like THE lamest shyt EVER!!!

Oh, and so is their attempt at “dating” – I use that term oh, so loosely because really, noone these days seems to grasp what dating is anymore!  I’m so over this, this practice of doing the VERY bare minimum and expecting someone to give you the goodies…for real?! What did you do to deserve this? oh wait, but really, what makes you think just because you took someone out, you get to take them home, or go back to their place or bang it out in the car because you chose to spend a couple hours with her?! hmmm? really, I’m just wondering?

How has it become acceptable that if a guy takes you out, semi-frequently, that sex is just expected? I need to know when this became the norm because it’s repulsing, LAME and super un-original.  Whatever! I’m sure all boys are like that, but since I used to like dealing with my chocolate cuties, I can only speak for what I’ve witnessed personally or through friends!

So on to something new…nueva, nouveau, nuovo, neu, novo…you get the picture!  😉

I was going to continue this post, but I’m tired and want to go back to sleep! Dancing for 5 hours str8 will do that to you! So I’ll just leave you with my all time favorite, guilty pleasure song!

Yup! Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit!!! 7th grade all over again!

OMG!!! Watch this school band hit this! ummmm it ROCKS!!!


2 Responses to ““He’d be SO cute…”

  1. Kofi Bofah Says:

    END Black Man bashing.

    I mean, I figure that is is rough out here for single women, but there are some good brothers out there. There may be some very good prospects lurking all around you that you have ignored this whole time.

    Anyway, I am just cruising through blog world.

    I am originally from Silver Spring – and am now in Chicago.

    Maryland swag cannot be touched.

  2. *B* fab Says:

    That’s funny you think it’s bashing, because it really isn’t. I totally could have but I didn’t because what is that going to do?

    One – I’m not looking, so there is no intentional ignoring going on
    Two – I’m not sure it really is “rough” – it is what it is
    Three – I’m entitled to my own opinion and so stepping outside my dating box is where I choose to be for now
    Four – I can agree with you about guys from Maryland, my favorite men have been from there 😉

    Thanks for stopping through Kofi!

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