Polyvore makes life F*u*N*

Polyvore is my creative outlet.  I go over there, pick a piece or theme I love and make a set centered around that one piece or theme.  I am trying to figure out what I can do with these sets.  For now, I will post them on Polyvore and here for your viewing pleasure, lol! Enjoy

Black Betty by VaFashionista

That fur gillet drives me crazy!!! I ADORE it, to pieces!!! Those Gucci flat boots with the fringe at the top drive me wild! I So need them in my life!!!

Indigo Royale by VaFashionista

Obviously, the theme was purple 🙂 It’s my favorite color so I had to make a set with all purple.  I submitted this set in a contest on Polyvore so I hope I win!

Cultured Pearl by VaFashionista

I have always loved those traditional Chinese dresses, Cheongsam, because of the intricate detail and sumptuous silk used.  I also have a thing for pearls, thanks to my mom gifting me my first set of pearls – earrings, bracelet and necklace – when I was a wee 5 year old.  I still remember the cute tinkerbell jewelry box she gave me to put them in! Anyways, this set was inspired by the Cheongsam and my love of pearls.


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3 Responses to “Polyvore makes life F*u*N*”

  1. Eb Says:

    I love purple…. I would pic up almost everything in that cluser.

  2. *B* Fab Says:

    Hey Eb! I know you love purple as much as me!! That was a fun contest to do b/c it was so easy! I want everything in that set too hahaha!

  3. Amalia Says:

    Are u kidding me? I just love the high heeled boots from Black Betty!

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