Outfit Inspiration

Lanvin Lust
Lanvin Lust by VaFashionista

I love the Lanvin house for their exquisitely feminine dresses and impeccably unique handbags & clutches! I also love the fun, playful side where you don’t have to be so serious about fashion, but look uberly haute while wearing any piece from Lanvin. The t shirts are so cheeky and those shoes need a definite place in my closet!

LaRok to your own beat
LaRok to your own beat by VaFashionista

Ok, this LaRok coat is like the ULTIMATE coat!!! Trust and believe if I catch this thing on sale I will not hesitate to grab it up! I have been eyeing it since I saw it in a magazine many, many months ago. It’s the epitome of the perfect jacket!  Slim, feminine cut with the very necessary multi-layer chain detail.  The piping on the cuffs and collar just take it to the next level.  PS – I’m in love with those spin art jeans! Remember doing spin art as a little child??

You choose which way to LaRok it out
You choose which way to LaRok it out by VaFashionista

Ok, this is by far my favorite! You take a dainty LaRok dress and pair it with some enchanting heels or boots and you’re good to go! Of all of the footwork choices, those sequined Marc Jacobs booties and the twig heels are my favorite!


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One Response to “Outfit Inspiration”

  1. Raven Says:

    omg. those shoes—how does one even pick a favorite?!?!?!?! and how adorable are the british-themed hi-tops?!??!??!?!?! your creations are so cute, my imagination runs wild when i look at your polyvore selections…so cute!!!

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