Vogue is wrong for this…


Gossip girl on the cover of the February Vogue…seriously Vogue, SERIOUSLY!?!?! ugh!!! I’m SO glad my subscription has ended! Vogue, you suck! You have sucked for many moons, but this right here is like a slap in the face! So last month you do this FANTASTICAL spread with Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn towards the back of the mag in the slimmest Vogue ever!  That spread was the saving grace for the January Vogue.  Ummm, couldn’t you have put Michelle Obama on the cover? I mean, she is going to be part of the first family in a matter of days! You have put other 1st ladies on the cover, but I digress!

February is also Fashion Week in New York! Could you have maybe put some awesome new models on the cover or a shining starlet to the fashion design world on the cover in honor of all that is Fashion Week?!  Or maybe address the fact that many big name fashion houses have backed out of showing due to the economic down turn? Oh well, maybe I’m crazy for wanting to see F A S H I O N on the cover of Vogue…ugh! just, ugh! Vogue, you blow! that is all. (That bracelet, I believe is Erickson Beamon, one of my favorite jewelry lines, is so super fierce though! 😦


One Response to “Vogue is wrong for this…”

  1. lindadominique Says:

    You’ve got a point. They need to get a grip.

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