Be still my heart!

Yeah man, these shoes are BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the black pair in the new fold out Gucci ad in my W last night! I am enamored with these shoes!!! Do you even know how haute these would look on my foot! I want one in every color!!! *salivating* these are some super hot shoes Gucci! I’m in love! And appropriately, they are called the Iman.





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4 Responses to “Be still my heart!”

  1. lindadominique Says:

    Ha! You are so right, I don’t know which color I like better! What’s the price tag?

  2. *B* fab Says:

    Oh, they just boast a $1275 or $1295 price tag; you know, pocket change, LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Women wearing high heels Says:

    If you’re going with such a funky high heel, you may as well go with the purple. Can’t say I’m a fan of the buckles and straps (too much IMO) but I will concede that a woman would look quite delicious wearing them. You gotta have confidence to wear them and that would be sexy if nothing else.

  4. Gigi Says:

    I love your site! For obvious reasons LOL but love the heels.

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