Vegetarian to Vegan…my journey

Que pasa? So with the New Year comes new outlooks, changes, improvements, etc etc!! On NYE I didn’t make any resolutions, but I did clean house and get rid of some things that I didn’t need anymore in my life.  In order to clean house physically and spiritually, I went on the Daniel Fast – 10 days of fruits and vegetables and water, some 100% fruit juice here and there. 

Alot of churches start their new year with this fast and I decided to do it as well; my church wasn’t doing it, but  friend’s church was going to do it for 16 days…16 days!?! I thought that was CRAZY!!! but, guess what, here I am 22 days later loving life and embracing my vegan diet! 

Now, the Daniel fast stems from a time in the Bible when Daniel refused to eat the king’s vile food and told them to test he and his friends for 10 days to see who was stronger, Daniel and his friends or the other men, after just eating vegetables and water.  Ofcourse, after the 10 days, Daniel and his friends were stronger than the other men because they only ate vegetables and water. 

In this book I have, “Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough,” it also showed me that the Daniel fast is used for healing and cleansing and ofcourse, growing closer to God.  I started out on my spiritual journey and came out with a new way of life!

After the first couple of days, I couldn’t fathom how I could just eat fruits and vegetables, but by the thrid day, I found myself getting full and was satisfied and never hungry.  The human body is a funny thing and it’s interesting to see what you can and cannot live with or without!

Since I am a vegetarian, it was quite easy for me to adjust, but I did miss my eggs, brown rice and quesadillas.  After the fifth day, those cravings subsided and I became an amazing chef! I have been cooking everyday since January 2, 2009 and I love it!  I’ve come up with many great vegan recipes that are so good and satisfying! I also made lots of fun smoothies using organic almond and coconut milk; there is nothing better than a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast!

So yeah, here I sit, day 22 and I really do not miss the foods I used to eat as a vegetarian! I really think I am going to go full on vegan.  After shopping organic and vegan for these past weeks, I have seen the light, lol! Not to mention, there are so many great vegan and organic products out there that are great for you and are yummy!!

As I type this, I just had a yummy tofu stir fry and am having a bowl of grapes, strawberries and peaches for desert! Eating this way has shwon me alot about my own will power, and has put me more in tune with my body.  When you pay close attention to what goes in your body you will automatically give it the freshest, organic, good for you foods. I know my body is loving me for it!!

Ciao, Ciao

B, the Fashionista AND Vegan hahaha!


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2 Responses to “Vegetarian to Vegan…my journey”

  1. lindadominique Says:

    Sounds good. Please please log on and let us know about it. We have a thread called the Daniel Fast and I’ve been trying to find out how to do it right. Is it just the fruit, veggies and water? Here’s the link:

  2. Raven Says:

    im so proud of you!!
    it takes serious discipline to do this..and you are my hero!!!!


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