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So inspired!

February 12, 2009

The weather here in VA has been LOVELY the past few days! It’s got me thinking about my necessary Spring wardrobe, vacations and being able to party into the balmy nights! Check out my Spring inspired Polyvore sets!

Spazz out with Sprouse
Spazz out with Sprouse – by VaFashionista on

I was listening to the N.E.R.D. album and Spaz  (click that link! That is the concert I went to!) came on, so I was totally inspired! Not to mention, I ADORE Stephen Sprouse! I have got to get my hands on one of those Speedy’s! I tried it on at the LV Boutique and no two are alike because the paint is layered on as each layer dries! Ah! I’ve got to have it!!!

Perfect Spring Day
Perfect Spring Day – by VaFashionista on

I totally love this yellow Jason Wu dress! It’s superbly feminine and a dress that should be in every woman’s closet! Those Loubies aren’t bad either! If I catch those on sale, I’d be delighted!!  I am totally picking up those eyeshadow colors to re-create that smattering gilded eye!!

Simply Loving Lacroix
Simply Loving Lacroix – by VaFashionista on

This one is very simple and chic! The dress is a duh! and if I can find that clutch it’d be the rival of all of my other clutches! Plus, who doesn’t like a perfectly girly Lacroix dress!!


(MY) Family Demands Tougher Penalties for Drunk-driving Fatalities

February 10, 2009

So today my family and I sat in the courtroom and watched this person plead guilty, without a trial by jury (because he knows he would have been fried)! This PUNK KILLED my 8 year old cousin on MOTHER’S DAY!!!! He was driving on a SUSPENDED license from a PREVIOUS DUI (ummm), had a BAC of DOUBLE the legal limit AND…he had COCAINE in his system!!!!! WHAT!!!

He pled guilty to the charge of….AGGRAVATED INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER, LET ME REPEAT, INVOLUNTARY.MANSLAUGHTER!!! Which, get this only carries a sentence of…20 years!!! Pretty sad considering the gentleman sentenced before him may possibly get 10-30 years for…POSSESSION OF WEED!!! huh?!?!?!? I’m scratching my head in digust at this!!! Justice needs to be served!!! JUSTICE!


Family Demands Tougher Penalties for Drunk-driving Fatalities


MANASSAS, Va. – The family of an 8-year-old boy who was killed in a drunk driving crash last year watched the defendant plead guilty Tuesday. But it wasn’t enough, they said.

Rodney Martin, 22, admitted he was under the influence and pleaded guilty to aggravated involuntary manslaughter in the Mother’s Day 2008 death of 8-year-old Joshua Adams. Martin faces up to 20 years behind bars at his sentencing on July 30.

“Nothing can replace my little brother, no matter what time they give this man,” Joshua’s brother, Mathew Green, said
“None of that can replace the pain I feel in my heart and my family’s heart,” Adams’ brother, Mathew Green, said. “It’s all for nothing.”

“This guy was drinking and driving and he killed my friend,” added Jordan Rigney.

Joshua’s family said its new mission to strengthen the Commonwealth’s penalties for fatal drunk-driving crashes.

“The Virginia law is just very lax,” Joshua’s mother, Darlene Adams, said. “You can get up to twenty years. They don’t look at it as murdering someone but a life is lost.”

Ms. Adams says Tuesday’s hearing dragged up painful memories of that Mother’s Day morning, when she, Joshua and Mathew were on their way to church in a minivan, which was rear-ended by Martin’s SUV in Gainesville.

Prosecutors said Martin was traveling 70 mph in a 55 zone, had a blood-alcohol level of 0.14 — nearly twice the legal limit —  and tested positive for cocaine. Martin’s license had already been suspended for a previous DUI infraction, prosecutors said.

“It was a nightmare coming back to life again, having to hear the accident again, seeing his broken body in the van,” Adams said. – WATCH THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!


Omahyra Mota – where you at?

February 4, 2009


I haven’t seen anything from miss fabulously fierce before miss jay and tyra wore that out (FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERCE)!  She is like the epitome of a model! Maybe you remember her from Jay-Z “Change Clothes” video? I remember that is when I wanted to cut all my hair off! Girl was working IT!!!


I love her for her brashness and who the f* cares attitude! I love that she is not like the other models, totally walks to her own beat.  Her edge is undeniable and official, not of the marketed variety either *side eye Rihanna*  Girl is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

But I wonder, where is she?! It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen ANYTHING from her! No runway shows! No editorials! nada! She needs a whole book dedicated to just her and her fierce fabulousness!(There is a book of pictures flicks of her and her boy toy by Ellen Von Unwerth – “Omahyra and Boyd” – definitely some interesting pictures there! But they are a leetle too naked for me to post LOL!) Check some of these instead…






ompic5Omahyra rocks! That’s all. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!