Omahyra Mota – where you at?


I haven’t seen anything from miss fabulously fierce before miss jay and tyra wore that out (FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERCE)!  She is like the epitome of a model! Maybe you remember her from Jay-Z “Change Clothes” video? I remember that is when I wanted to cut all my hair off! Girl was working IT!!!


I love her for her brashness and who the f* cares attitude! I love that she is not like the other models, totally walks to her own beat.  Her edge is undeniable and official, not of the marketed variety either *side eye Rihanna*  Girl is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

But I wonder, where is she?! It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen ANYTHING from her! No runway shows! No editorials! nada! She needs a whole book dedicated to just her and her fierce fabulousness!(There is a book of pictures flicks of her and her boy toy by Ellen Von Unwerth – “Omahyra and Boyd” – definitely some interesting pictures there! But they are a leetle too naked for me to post LOL!) Check some of these instead…






ompic5Omahyra rocks! That’s all. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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5 Responses to “Omahyra Mota – where you at?”

  1. ray Says:

    ok that last picture—-im going to DIE i love it so much!!!!
    she’s the shit–always has been, always will be. period. i even contemplate turning lesbian when i look at her–and SHES not even lesbian. i know–im a pervert.
    she needs to come back on the scene and stay here.

  2. j.a.c. Says:

    you’re right! i haven’t seen her around in a minute either! i remember when she was just coming up and i fell in love with her because she was unlike any other model that i have ever seen. hmm… did you google her and see what was up? is she doing her thing in another country?!! very good question lady. i miss her!

    and thanks for stopping by my world today. i was hoping someone would read that and understand how i felt. glad i could have an affect. come back again!

    oh! and i checked out your polyvore outfits. i really like your style. i have a polyvore account too, although i never created a set. you’re inspiring me to do so though dear. =)

  3. KRYSTAL Says:

    i know its been a while but im so happy because yesterday i was shopping with my sister in old navy yonkers ny and who do see buut the one and only

  4. KRYSTAL Says:

    i know its been a while but im so happy because yesterday i was shopping with my sister in old navy yonkers ny and who do see but the one and only OMAHYRA MOTA luv here hope to see more of her if you guys here anything keep it posted i will be checking on a regular basis

  5. joana Says:

    is she really a woman? she looks much more like male-to-female.. transgendered.. or something. but not lesbian. i bet she was a male.

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