So inspired!

The weather here in VA has been LOVELY the past few days! It’s got me thinking about my necessary Spring wardrobe, vacations and being able to party into the balmy nights! Check out my Spring inspired Polyvore sets!

Spazz out with Sprouse
Spazz out with Sprouse – by VaFashionista on

I was listening to the N.E.R.D. album and Spaz  (click that link! That is the concert I went to!) came on, so I was totally inspired! Not to mention, I ADORE Stephen Sprouse! I have got to get my hands on one of those Speedy’s! I tried it on at the LV Boutique and no two are alike because the paint is layered on as each layer dries! Ah! I’ve got to have it!!!

Perfect Spring Day
Perfect Spring Day – by VaFashionista on

I totally love this yellow Jason Wu dress! It’s superbly feminine and a dress that should be in every woman’s closet! Those Loubies aren’t bad either! If I catch those on sale, I’d be delighted!!  I am totally picking up those eyeshadow colors to re-create that smattering gilded eye!!

Simply Loving Lacroix
Simply Loving Lacroix – by VaFashionista on

This one is very simple and chic! The dress is a duh! and if I can find that clutch it’d be the rival of all of my other clutches! Plus, who doesn’t like a perfectly girly Lacroix dress!!


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2 Responses to “So inspired!”

  1. Mike Says:

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  2. lindadominique Says:

    I’m going to have to sign up to that site. Don’t forget to check out the shoes on the giveaway. You’ve got great style.

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