Spotlight on *B*

My girl Elisa has a spotlight on yours truly on her fab blog about her journey to fabulous, healthy, natural hair!! How cute! Check it out on her blog.

*I would like to update that I no longer use Pantene Hydrating Curls on the regular since it has that awful sulfate in the shampoo! I have switched to a much more hair friendly group of products that my hair absolutely adores! I won this set of Curls products from Jaime’s blog and am hooked!!


Curls, check their website for awesome products –, has done AMAZING things to my fab curls! I use the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream – which has this amazing coconut-y, vanilla fragrance! The Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner – an AMAZING deep conditioner with an equally amazing and relaxing aroma! And I couldn’t live without the Curl Soufflé – I use this to two strand twist my hair and it fights the frizzies, and makes my hair impeccably soft, vibrant, bouncy and most of all, FABULOUS!




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